Creating Exercise: Check In On Your Intentions

… (a.k.a. Gemini Moon & Solstice Perspective Quantum Shift)

Today is June 16th and the New Moon in Gemini is very present for me. I’m feeling a surge of energy propelling me to take action in the realm of communication. I feel intuitively that over these next few days (before the Summer Solstice is upon us) we are being presented with a unique opportunity to reflect, reassess, and put our intentions for the 2015 calendar year back on a productive course. I’m just going to throw this out at you all as it is happening to me, and if you are feeling something interesting stirring inside of you as you read, I invite you to join me in this simple creative exercise I’m calling the Gemini Moon & Solstice Perspective Quantum Shift or “The UNSEEN.”

Some transformations can occur over a great length of time, while others can take place within a matter of days, maybe even hours, minutes, or seconds! It’s all about suddenly recognizing what has been unseen before, and taking a leap and opening your eyes and really seeing, what has been right in front of you all along. This is an opportunity I see being presented right now, today, tomorrow, this week as we honor the New Moon today and look forward to the Summer Solstice on Sunday. We are approaching the half-way mark for the 2015 calendar year. Many of us, including myself, set some pretty lofty intentions for the 2015 year. For those of you who may have missed out on that push, it’s not too late to get in on the goodness! The 2015 year in numerology represents the “8” and the infinity symbol. As someone who studies symbols and takes their meanings very seriously, moving into this year got me pretty excited. It promises prosperity and not just the money-related kind. This is the kind of prosperity that results from strongly seated intentions, patience, and a good dose of nurturing love. Have you already planted a seed of intention for this year? Are you starting to wonder if anything will ever emerge from the dark soil? Perhaps over the next few days you will see something emerge from the dark fertile soil and step into the light of the sun. Perhaps it needed just the right kind of dark moonless night and the perfect soil temperature, perhaps it needed these with the combination of a few long bright sunny days. Whatever is going on underground, it feels out of your control and for some of you (and myself) that is some scary stuff.

So for this exercise we will let go of the need to control the outcome. I want to start by simply doodling. Grab a few sheets of paper and a pen or pencil and start doodling. As you doodle on the first sheet I want you to put yourself in a place of gratitude. Think about all the things you currently have going for you right now. If I were to title this little doodle it would be “What I Have.”

Take a few minutes and see what comes out. Just keep thinking about where you are now, what is going right, what is making you happy, what brings you comfort, what touches your heart…

Here’s mine:


Now that you have put these thoughts on paper, what are you seeing? What relationships are you noticing? For example, my time is represented by puffy clouds connected by rainbows. My work and clients are expressed by my flying hearts, a symbol tied to my life purpose. The rising sun could indicate a future clearing of some of those clouds that are so important to me. What story does your doodle tell you?

After sitting in this space of what you already have for a while, just appreciating it, I want you to hide it away and create another one.

This next one is titled “What I Want.” Think for a few minutes about what that is. Has it changed over the past six months? Has it changed now that you have seen what you already have? Take a few minutes to think about it before you start your doodles.

Here’s mine:


Now that I am looking at my “What I Want” and comparing it with my “What I Have” there may be a conflict. There is a little bit of chaos here with all these flying hearts fluttering about. There is also something reassuring about the sun and the sun has turned into a flower, or sunflower rising from the efforts of my clouds (or time). The flower seems pretty okay with things, so maybe this will just be a transitional phase as I move from 2015 into 2016. Whatever happens I feel that receiving the sun, the spark, the light, with and open heart will guide me closer to where I need to be.

Now consider what might happen between the two states of being. Consider the space between “What I Have” and “What I Want.” Place the “What I Have” drawing to the left of your new blank sheet of paper and the “What I Want” drawing to the right of it. Start filling in the gap between the two as if you are creating a metaphoric bridge. See what comes up for you.


Here is mine:


So here is what came up for me. The first thing that came to me was the infinity symbol. I wanted to focus on that symbol because I wanted to bring my awareness back to the power of the year and the idea of prosperity. Emerging stronger than ever was my own creative spirit or power. It almost becomes a shield separating my work and clients from my “behind the scenes” life. It was the clouds that came next. They are separate clouds with space in between. There is a balanced allocation of time between personal and professional pursuits. What happened next was the Rainbow Connection. The rainbow crosses through the heart, the clouds and the infinity sign. This I am still pondering. I keep hearing Kermit the frog singing in my ear. I’ll get back to that later in the comments…

Next I drew the seedling. It has room to grow and I’ve parted the clouds for it. Making space for my intentions to manifest themselves is a huge revelation I’m seeing here. The flying hearts (my clients) are now all flying upward and outward and the scene seems less chaotic. The part that came last was the earth line and the water drops. I think this is the biggest “ah-ha” moment for me in the exercise. The seedling is rising from fertile or watery ground. Perhaps emerging from a dark place into the light. The clouds are now intentionally nourishing the ground with water drops. This I saw as a symbol of sharing. Sharing more about who I am and what I do through things like this very blog entry and creating exercise. I hope to continue this kind of sharing more.

So, what came up in your drawing? When you place them all side by side can you see a story being told? What does the sequence of how things were drawn tell you? What seems to be the focus of each drawing? Most importantly, what are you seeing now, that you didn’t see before?

The title of the third drawing is “THE UNSEEN!”


Please feel free to share your experience with this exercise in the comments below. I’d love to see your drawings as well if you feel brave enough to share them. I hope everyone is starting to see, like me, that “What I Want” may not be as far from reach as I had previously thought. Over the next few days I encourage you to be present in your gratitude for all that you already have. I challenge you to clarify your intentions based on what you have learned since setting them. Also, I hope you will open your eyes to what may have been hiding in your peripheral range of vision and see all that you are meant to see. Here’s to Creating Your “Ah-ha” Experience today, right now!

I hope you have enjoyed the creating exercise described here in my post. If you would like to experience more like this or would like to know more about my ABCs of Conscious Creating Program, please feel free to contact me directly.

Happy Gemini New Moon everyone!

Your Creativity Coach,


4 thoughts on “Creating Exercise: Check In On Your Intentions

  1. Fascinating exercise!! Rather than intentionally doodling the “What I have” and “What I want,” I decided to use a scribble drawing method to pull my logical left brain out of the process – that half thinks it runs the show! LOL! I did the first two drawings yesterday and then finished the “in between” drawing today. As it turned out – my “What I Have” drawing was really the “In Between” drawing providing me insight into how to get to the “What I Want.” And the “In Between” drawing more accurately displayed the “What I Have” or maybe a better way to say it “Where I’m At.” It is always amazing to me what is revealed in a scribble!! I’m going to sleep on it tonight and then journal additional thoughts around where I am at and how I’m going to follow the path revealed in the scribbles!


    1. Thanks, Leanne, for engaging in the process! I love that you ended up switching the order of your drawings based on what they revealed to you. Would you be willing to email me your drawings? I would love to see what you created! Happy Summer Solstice! ~ Bonnie 🙂


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