Set Your Intentions on Fire!

New Moon Creating Ritual

Paying attention to the cycles of nature can greatly support your creative life. The monthly orbit of the moon around the earth is one of the most obvious of nature’s cycles. The moon itself has long been held as a symbol of creativity. By respecting and working with the cycles of the moon you can infuse its power into your creating abilities.

The New Moon is the part of the moon’s cycle when the earth is blocking the light from the sun. It is a time of fertility. When you pant a seed, you push it into the earth, where no light can reach it. Here is the place it needs to be in order to germinate and become a living thing. Likewise, when the moon is at its darkest, that is when it is time to plant the seeds of our intentions. By performing this New Moon Ritual, you will be able to clarify your intentions and put the power of the creative moon behind them. Watch as they manifest for you throughout the month. You should take the ritual seriously, but at the same time, have fun with it. Be creative! You can use my suggestions as guidelines, while at the same time finding creative ways to honor your unique creative power.



We will start by lighting a candle. Lighting a fire is a metaphor for initiation. It helps draw your focus and the focus of your guides to this present moment. Sit and reflect for a few minutes about what you are grateful for in your life. Then, reflect on what could make your life better or more enjoyable than it already is. Perhaps you want to start a new project and are seeking a positive result. Perhaps you want to improve on a relationship or address a health concern. Know that as you think of these things you want for yourself, that they are already within your reach as long as they are for the good of everyone involved. You may come up with one thing or several. Some may be big and some small, but each deserves equal attention and acknowledgement. Whatever these intentions are just spend a few minutes clarifying them in your mind. Feel the connection between your mind and your heart regarding the intention. Are they in alignment? If so, you are ready to start putting words to paper.



Spend a few minutes writing in your journal about what it is you want and why. Write about how it will positively affect your life and how you will feel once you have accomplished this goal or obtained this desire. Now take a moment to simplify the thoughts into one sentence. Try to avoid any negative words. Only use positive language and then write the sentence or sentences on a loose sheet of paper. Take your time, and really feel into the words. They are the first step towards manifesting your intentions. Try not to limit yourself, you can always write: “I wish for (xyz) in my life, or something better!”




Select Symbols

Now separate your intentions, by cutting the paper apart. For my ritual I assigned a Yucca seed for each intention to symbolize protection as well as the beginning of something new. I assigned a dried rose bud for each to symbolize that my intention was coming from a place of love. You can find your own symbols to include, just make sure they are naturally burnable and won’t release any harmful chemicals. They can also be small drawings instead of actual objects.




Next bundle the objects together into neat little packages. When you are finished you will have one or several tight little intentions ready to ignite! When you are ready to release them, blow out your candle, go outside and light your fire-pit. If you don’t have one you can use an empty coffee can to safely contain the fire.



Take a few moments to bask in the darkness. Feel the potential of these new intentions, and honor yourself as the perfect recipient of their magic. As you toss them into the fire, try repeating the sentences you wrote from memory. Say them three times each, with feeling. Let yourself smile, cry, or shout, whatever feels right. You are the perfect expression of your creative power, there is no wrong way to do it. Take as long as you like, and enjoy the present moment. It’s an honor to bear witness to a new beginning. Give thanks, respect your commitment, and expect results.

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