What’s Inside The Creativity Cloud For You?

It’s out there and it’s floating around just waiting for you to snatch it up! So what are you waiting for? Can’t see it? I can…

IMG_2561Recently a friend shared with me a story broadcasted on NPR’s Radiolab. It was titled “Me, Myself, and Muse” and it featured an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a great show and I’ve included the link below for anyone who wants to listen to it. It’s about the struggle we sometimes have with our own creative thoughts and how we try to manage them.  Your Creativity is inside of you and outside of you all at the same time. It is something you can communicate with. You can nurture it, you can honor it, and you can negotiate with it. The one thing that it demands of you is your undivided attention. It’s a concept that I’ve heard before and it’s not a new one. It goes back to ancient civilizations. The Greeks called it the “muse,” and it’s a name for the creative energies that are floating around in this ethereal cloud waiting for someone to notice them, grab hold of them, and deliver them to the physical world.

As Elizabeth Gilbert says in the interview: “The world is constantly being circled as though by gulf stream forces, ideas and creativity that want to be made manifest and they’re looking for portals to come through in people. And if you don’t do it, they’ll go find someone else… So you have to convince it that you’re serious and you have to show it respect and you have to talk to it and you have to let it know that you’re there.”

I’ve been thinking, reading and writing a lot about creativity over the course of my lifetime and I believe it is both scientific and mystical. I believe there are things we can do in order to connect more fully to our Higher Creative Self. Some of these things can be measured and recorded and there is data available to back up the evidence of your progression. Then, some of these things are exploratory, inarticulate, and intuitive in nature making up the mystical component. I have found that a combination of these things is the magic elixir for tapping into the desired spark of brilliance that we all are looking for. Solutions, knowing, and true innovation are the prize we seek, and it is in our nature as human beings to seek it. It is in our nature to question, to be curious, and to indulge in our fantasies. This is the reason we are given such beautiful imaginations!

If you are not feeling this amazing connection with your Higher Creative Self already, I invite you to try my ACCESS! course. You can take it at your own pace and with my help as your Creativity Coach, together we will strength your connection to your Higher Creative Self through a combination of techniques designed to spark your imaginative thoughts. Through these connections your brain literally becomes stronger, more powerful and more open to receiving inspiration. There is nothing difficult about the exercises I present, it’s more about how they are presented. Anyone can benefit from them. Also, feel free to follow my blog by signing up in the column to the right. You’ll get an email notification of new posts. I periodically post exercises designed to strengthen your creativity here as well for free. What have you got to lose?

Is it time for you to reach into “The Creativity Cloud?” What creative brilliance might you grab a hold of? I knew I needed to share this information with you because my muse came through it with a message that I could not deny was for me. Near the end of the show the host references the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. Three months ago I pasted this poem into the inside of my kitchen cabinet. I see it every day when I reach for a plate. Why would they pick that poem out of all the amazing poetry that exists as an example of brilliant creative writing? When I heard them mention the poem on the show, I immediately got chills all over my body. “There’s something here,” I thought, “something I need to share.” So here’s hoping this blog reaches you, the one I was meant to share it with, from friend to friend. Feel free to pass it on to your friend as well.

Here’s the link to the NPR RadioLab interview with Elizabeth Gilbert:


(With references to some of my favorite creative people: Liz Gilbert, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Robert Frost!)

One thought on “What’s Inside The Creativity Cloud For You?

  1. Loved listening to the interview. Gilbert is one of my favorite writer. Road No Taken is also one of my favorite poems. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Am also really enjoying your creativity course ACCESS


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