The Moon and Your Creativity

I get very excited about the Moon. I always have. Not that I don’t also love the Sun, because I worship the Sun. Tonight, Sunday, September 27th, is the superest of the Supermoons! This is the second of three consecutive Supermoons we get to see this season, and the largest of the three. The last Supermoon triad like this was in 1982 and the next one won’t be until 2033. The reason it is called a Supermoon, is because the Moon is at the closest possible distance from the earth in its oval orbital journey, appearing 14% bigger in the sky. What could be better than that? Well, tonight there is also going to be a lunar eclipse! This means the Earth’s shadow will pass over the Moon turning it reddish in color, which is why it is sometimes called a Blood Moon. Tonight’s Supermoon will be blushing! Here in Las Vegas (PST) it will be visible and I’m planning on doing some Moongazing with my kids from a local park. The Moon will rise at 6:27 pm. At 7:47 pm it will be fully eclipsed. And it will all be over around 9:30 pm. If you saw last month’s Supermoon rising on the horizon, you know what it’s all about! It looked enormous! I can’t wait to see this one combined with the eclipse.

So, what does the Supermoon have to do with your creativity? Let’s start with symbols, because my work is all about signs and symbols.

3 Symbols of the Moon Relating to Creativity

YinyangFemale or Yin Energy

Our Moon is the largest and brightest object visible in the night sky, so it naturally has inspired curiosity and wonder throughout the history of mankind. The Pacific Islanders believed that the Moon was a Creator Goddess named Hina and that all women were her representatives here on Earth. Even in other regions, the Moon has long had mystical attachments to it associating it with feminine qualities. The Moon is considered the female symbolic counterpart to the Sun, which is often referred to as a masculine symbol. Yin is the Moon, Yang is the Sun. Energetically speaking you have both of these energies within you whether you are male or female. The task is to find balance between these energies and create harmony within your self. Accessing your creativity fully requires striking a balance in your life. A few days ago it was the Autumnal Equinox and I designed a creating exercise based on balancing your creative energies if you want to have a go at it.


Because of the Moon’s visible phases, it is perceived as changing and transforming, but within a pattern. It is by this nature that the moon has become a metaphor for cycles. The interesting thing to me about this is that it is actually the human perspective that reveals the cycles of the moon. The moon itself is not changing so dramatically, it is merely in motion. When talking about creativity and our belief systems, there is so much that depends on your personal perspective. Your perception of what you believe to be your experience, may in fact be very different from the reality or the truth of a particular situation. You may recognize that your creative life goes through cycles much like the Moon. It is part of a natural creative process. When you receive a great inspiration, that experience is representative of a New Moon, the phase when the Moon is not even visible. It represents the beginning or birth of a new and exciting creative project or thought. The waxing phase of the Moon’s cycle as it begins to grow larger (from our perspective) represents a time of growth and nurturing. This represents the creative process of building on a thought or idea. Then, as the Moon becomes full, this is the phase representing true manifestation, completion, and a time to celebrate your accomplishments (or to write lengthy blog posts about the Moon). As the Moon begins to wane there is time for reflection, release, and contemplation as you regain your strength and resources for your next creative endeavor. The Moon is a circle, a perfect sacred geometric shape representing perpetual beginnings and endings. The cycles manifest themselves visually as one circle (the shadow of the Earth) passes in front of another (the Moon) creating a perpetually changing symbol created by two circles. This can be imagined as a beautiful animated symbol of your creative power. When you are in a waning phase, be patient with yourself and allow your creative self plenty of time to recharge, knowing with confidence that a New Moon phase is in the near future. If you feel as if your creative life has stopped moving all together, then there might be a problem. You might need to revitalize it to get it flowing again. That would be a good time to pursue a program like The ABCs of Conscious Creating.


moonLike any good creation, the Moon is all about things mysterious and mystical. There is a fascination about her power. She’s just a big rock, but she demands attention. She rules the night, standing watch for the Sun while he is out of sight. She lights up the night sky brightly like a celestial billboard, but she herself projects no actual light of her own. She is a mirror, and much like your creations are a reflection of who you are, her brilliance is a reflection of the great source, our Sun, who there would certainly be no life on Earth without. Her power lies in her grace, her subtleties, and her mysterious ability to weave illusion with truth. Likewise your creative power may flow in mysterious ways to you. Relating to it can often feel like deciphering an ancient code of some sort. Other times, you may feel so connected and in harmony with it, that it feels like the perfect representation of your Higher Self.

I have one last idea to share about the Moon and Creativity before I release you to conjure your own personal associations for tonight’s incredible display. I would like to tell you a great creation story, the story of how our Moon came to be our Moon.

The Creation of the Moon: A Scientific Love Story

Scientifically speaking… (this is how every good Scientific love story should begin)… the Moon is responsible for creating a diversity of life here on earth. When our Solar System was developing there was a lot of debris moving about. One big rock, that was trying to become a planet, crashed into Earth. The two celestial bodies instantly formed a partnership. The original crush! After engaging in orbital conjugation with Earth, our Moon (the little planet that couldn’t) established her current identity. Our moon is approximately 27% the size of Earth and proportionally large in comparison to the moons of other planets. There is a significant gravitational pull between the Moon and Earth (magnetism) and this is what creates the tides in our Earth’s various bodies of water. All this movement of water over the eons has attributed to perpetual change and the constant evolving diversity of life on Earth. I mean, just take a moment to think, where would we be without our Moon? Sadly, our Moon is pulling away from Earth every moment. The relationship will ultimately run its course and one day she will simply drift away… or perhaps she will fly off into a new orbit of her own, becoming the independent planet she was always destined to be. When considering Earth’s ultimate demise in the future, billions of years from now, there are many possible outcomes. The Earth might fall suddenly head over heels for another celestial body who might just be passing through a little too closely, causing devastating consequences for all Earthlings. Or, Earth might just quietly cease to be able to support life because the moon drifted away and left us all in a puddle of stagnant water. Or, the jealous Sun may one day just have had enough of it all, turn into a Red Giant and expand to engulf our poor heartbroken Earth in flames. Gulp! By either tragic scenario, science always manages to gives me an overwhelming appreciation for the fragility of our life here. The end. Literally… and scientifically speaking.

So, tomorrow I encourage you to gaze at the Moon and simultaneously wax philosophical and poetic with me. What conclusions can you draw about that big Supermoon overhead? How can you relate the experience of it (from your perspective) to your creative life? What sort of love story might you indulge in under all the bright lights of the Universe? Life is short, enjoy creating your experience tonight!

Your Creativity Coach,


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