My Unconditional Love


Today, October 8, 2015, is National Poetry Day. They say all poetry can be summed up as either being about love or death. Today I’d like to focus on love kind.

I’d like to share with you a love poem I wrote especially for today called, “My Unconditional Love.” A while back I discovered that unconditional love is one of those challenges I have been given in this lifetime and I have to admit, at times working with it has been no picnic. Unconditional love is love without conditions. You are basically saying that no matter what, I will love this person. It means that you can love someone, even if they don’t love you back. When this happens, it can feel painful at first. The neat thing is that if you can move through this pain, you will find a new kind of love, one that really is limitless. If you can surrender all conditions, and just love, you will experience a sense of freedom. At first it can feel like jumping off a cliff into an endless abyss. As you begin to free-fall, you will thrash and resist, expecting everything to end with a brutal impact. The thing is, the longer you feel into the experience it becomes relevant that you aren’t going to die from your love. Your love is actually sending you into flight, and it’s not really a fall after all. It’s like all of a sudden the scene is flipped. You aren’t falling, you are rising, and your love is taking you there. It needs nothing, no condition, only you and your capacity to love to sustain its free flight.

I hope today you are inspired to write a love poem of your own. It can be flowery and filled with violets and roses, or like mine, it can touch on the more subtle intricacies of love. Whatever you choose to write about, write from your heart, for your heart is your resident expert on love. Please feel free to share your poem in the comments section below. I’d love to hear what your heart has to say today.

Loving you unconditionally…
Your Creativity Coach,


Your Creativity Coach,




My Unconditional Love

Knowing that my greatest challenge in this life
Is to love without condition
Without attachment
Without reciprocation
Without… such a hard word to swallow
When speaking about love

I seep into the discomfort of it now
Noticing the heat in my chest
Sensing heaviness
Eyes sink but refuse to tear
Throat constricts and I can hardly breathe
When confronting my love

Rising above it all broken wings spread wide
Drifting with faith that the pain ends
Thoughts of having loved
A natural allowance
Having tasted one half the banquet
When deciding to love

I let the love grow without its other half
I can rise from my knees to see
The power within
My unconditional love
Freeing my heart of consequences
When indulging in love


Bonnie Kelso is the creator of The ABCs of Conscious Creating. She uses energy healing and creating exercises to connect people to their higher “creative” selves. For more information about her services read about her ACCESS! program or to schedule a consultation please contact her at Are you ready to vitalize your creative life?

One thought on “My Unconditional Love

  1. Oh Bonnie, you are so much more of a forgiver than I will ever be. I have only loved unconditionally 4 times in my life. My husband and my 3 children. All others in my life have let me down at some time or another. I may still love them but it is with reservation. I admire you for being able to do this. Keep writing.

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