Thinking Freely About Your Most Creative Beliefs

Today is the unofficial national holiday: National Freethought Day. No offense to the scientifically minded Freethinkers out there, but I just had a thought that came to me freely through my intuition. I’m going to give you a Creating Exercise today.

“What makes a freethinker is not his beliefs but the way in which he holds them. If he holds them because his elders told him they were true when he was young, or if he holds them because if he did not he would be unhappy, his thought is not free; but if he holds them because, after careful thought he finds a balance of evidence in their favor, then his thought is free, however odd his conclusions may seem.”

– Bertrand Russell, Philosopher

For your Creating Exercise I would like for you to consider a belief. Choose one that you had when you were very young. Pick a good one. The more unbelievable it is, the better. It may even border on the magical… for example:

When I was eight years old, I believed that I could hold my breath underwater for as long as I wanted to without struggle. I would lie in bed at night in my room and practice this talent. I would sometimes count when I did it, then eventually just get bored and stop counting because I could hold my breath forever. I would pretend my room was sealed like a fish tank and full of water. I would imagine myself swimming through my room. I never felt panic and I never needed to breathe. I just casually swam about exploring everything in my room as it floated around in the water with me. All the light things would drift about like my bedding, but heavy things like my dresser stayed put. I especially enjoyed pushing off of one wall and doing a few flips before touching the next wall. Sometimes, I would even encounter a fish or two. I really enjoyed the weightless experience. I was very impressed with myself for having figured out a way to be underwater without having to breathe.

Once you have come up with the belief that you want to explore, take some time writing about it, or talking to yourself about it. When you are ready, draw a picture of what the experience of this belief was like as a child.

Here’s mine:


As you create, you are re-creating the experience of your belief. I haven’t thought about this belief in a very long time, but now that I am revisiting the sensation of it, it feels just as real as it did then. Of course, I know now that I must have been breathing, even if it was very shallowly. I’m still here. I never really stopped breathing.

Now think of a current experience in your life that you can relate to your childhood belief. Find the metaphor. Discover how one experience relates to another.

For me, swimming in my room at night led to a future hobby and fascination. It’s been a while, but as an adult I used to love scuba diving. There was something about being underwater and just another one of the fishes that really resonated with me. Perhaps it was because of my fearless imaginative exercises as a young girl that something rather unnatural and often frightening to beginners felt instantly comfortable to me. I’ve always been very inspired by the experiences I’ve had diving. These experiences led me to create many pieces of artwork. My underwater experiences and the act of creating the paintings about them have brought much joy to my life. So now, I am feeling enormous gratitude for my imaginative eight-year-old self. Turns out my unbelievable belief manifested itself into a truth after all!

Have fun rediscovering your most creative beliefs today. May you keep your heart and your thoughts free!

Your Creativity Coach,



Bonnie Kelso is the creator of The ABCs of Conscious Creating. She uses energy healing and creating exercises to connect people to their higher “creative” selves. For more information about her services read about her ACCESS! program or to schedule a consultation please contact her at Are you ready to vitalize your creative life?

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