Creating Your Personal Definitions


Today is National Dictionary Day. It is celebrated on October 16th in honor of Noah Webster’s birthday. Noah Webster is often considered one of the American Founding Fathers. He was one of the most prolific authors of the new nation. His dictionary, and arguably his greatest life achievement, was published in 1828 when he was 70 years old. He preferred spellings that matched the pronunciations better and his last dictionary basically distinguished American English from British English with changes in spelling of words like center (from centre), color (from colour), and so on. It was considered a pretty radical move in the day. It’s important to realize that he didn’t just make this stuff up either, he was representing the language of a new nation which was trying to separate ideologically from England. He was also a teacher and had many strong opinions about how American children should be educated. He created a guidebook known as the Blue-Backed Speller designed to teach children how to read, spell and pronounce words. It was the most popular American book of its time. The legacy of his dictionary speaks for itself, though he never received much recognition for it before he died.

In honor of Noah Webster, wordsmith extraordinaire and crafter of definitions, I would like to propose a special Creating Exercise for you today. Start by selecting a word. Here’s how I want you to do it. Pick up a book you’re currently reading. If it is not available, just grab the nearest book you can find. Close your eyes and ask your guides for assistance in choosing a word. Randomly open the book to a page. With your eyes still closed point to somewhere in the middle of the page. Open your eyes. The word your finger is pointing to, is your word. Draw a picture of what that word means to you without using any other words to describe it. Even though today is Noah Webster’s birthday, resist looking up your word in the dictionary. I want you to define it for yourself. Create a meaning that is very personal for you. Think carefully about the words you choose to describe your word. There is energy attached to words, so make them good ones. Keep your language positive. You will find that you can find a beneficial meaning in just about any word.

If you are having trouble drawing something, say the word a few times out loud. Close your eyes and feel into the word. What visions come up for you? Are there any symbols or shapes that come to mind? Is there a place or an activity that the word reminds you of? This is not like Pictionary, it’s more about feeling into your experiential understanding of a word and the personal meaning it holds for you.

When you are finished, compose a sentence (spiritual and personal definition) about your drawing.

Here, I’ll try it myself and give you some examples…

Ha! My guides have a great sense of humor! My first word is definition.


A triangle comes to mind, and I’m not sure why, but I’ll go with it. There is a small cross marking the center. For some reason a chevron supports it from the bottom. Then all these crazy things are pointing towards the triangle.

One sacred answer among all the infinite possibilities provided by the Universe.

Here’s another one. This is fun.


Being everything I’ve ever been meant to be.

Here’s another one. I could do this all day. Really.


Consciously returning to peace in a chaotic situation.

Hope you have fun with this Creating Exercise today. Practices that help you to be more mindful of the words you use are beneficial to your creative life. Think about all of the words we are subjected to throughout a single day. How much is supporting a positive energy flow, how much is not? When you take some time to consider a single word that is tossed into your lap rather randomly, you are presented with a choice. How you interpret the word energetically can make all the difference.

Please comment and share… Here’s to creating (or redefining) your experience!

Your Creativity Coach,



Bonnie Kelso is the creator of The ABCs of Conscious Creating. She uses energy healing and creating exercises to connect people to their higher “creative” selves. For more information about her services read about her ACCESS! program or to schedule a consultation please contact her at Are you ready to vitalize your creative life?

2 thoughts on “Creating Your Personal Definitions

  1. My word is PARTY! If you know me, you know this is my favorite word. I love to go to them and to have them. It means family, friends, fun, celebration, good food, good drinks and good times. I love words, they are my best friends. Thanks for this exercise. I could hardly believe it when this was the word that came up because it came from a very serious book I have been reading.

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