Be the Author of Your Greatness Story!

Your Greatness Story

It’s November now and the beginning of Family Stories Month. Yay! I’m so excited about this… Today is November 1st and National Author’s Day. I’d like to celebrate today with you, by sharing a family story about a very special up and coming author I know.

My five year old son is in Kindergarten and he’s learning to read and write. I don’t remember learning to read until maybe the third grade, but now, everyone seems to be in a real hurry to achieve greatness. Although I am a firm believer that every one of us has greatness resonating inside of us, I also firmly believe that we each run on our own timetable for this greatness to manifest. It’s not something that can be rushed through. It requires patience. It requires the delicate nurturing of your creative life. It can’t be demanded, expected and measured across the board. Despite what some institutions think, there is no educational standard for it. Each person will come to their greatness in their own time and in their own way. There will be a lot of challenges along the way and a lot of lessons to be learned. It will require a strong understanding of and belief in yourself. It will take some hard work, a bit of luck, and a good dose of openness to receiving it.

Books are awesome!Even before Seamus started learning to read, he loved books. Of course there was that time when he was almost three and he decided to tear up every book in his room. That day (May 16, 2012) would be forever known within my family as Book Armageddon. He was in his room by himself with the door closed and being very quiet. This is one of those classic scenarios that rouse great cause for suspicion as a parent. I should have checked on him sooner, but I was most likely doing something for his newborn baby brother. When I opened the door there were pages everywhere, covering the floor of his room. The bookshelf was completely empty. All of his beloved books had been torn to pieces. When our eyes met, he could see my horror and knew he had done something very, very wrong. He almost immediately started to cry. We had a long talk about cause and effect, which was more like a long lecture from me to myself. He was just way to young to fully understand what he had done and that there wasn’t enough tape or glue in the world to undo what had just happened.

Now he has much more respect for the written word and thanks to a cute little song they sing in school, he even knows all about the parts of a book.

“Front cover, back cover, spine and title!
Front cover, back cover, spine and title!
The author writes the words, the author writes the words
and the illustrator draws the pictures!”

Last week, I asked him if he wanted to write a book of his own. He seemed really interested, so together we made this little book. I agreed to be his illustrator if he could be the author and write the story all by himself first.


Creating a book

Creating a Book!

He was so proud of his creation. He read it to me a few times, then he read it to himself a few times. Then he told me he was going to put in on the bookshelf with the other books. He put in on the shelf and just looked at it there for a few seconds… beaming!Creating a book

I am so grateful to my children for consistently reminding me of the power of creativity. That day I saw a little spark in Seamus. I don’t even think he is aware that his Dad and I are both writers. So, seeing him discover this truth about himself so early and so innocently with only the smallest suggestion, reminded me of my place in the world. I am the Creativity Coach. I’m not going to do all the work for you, but I’ll gently guide you toward a few possibilities.

Your Creating Exercise and challenge for today is to consider yourself as the author of your story of greatness. Take a few moments to think about or write answers to these questions:

  • What is the story you have been telling people about yourself?
  • What is the story you want to tell people about yourself?
  • Imagine yourself in the future telling the story of what you are doing now. Is there a story to tell?
  • What should you be doing now that will help bring that story into your future world?
  • What are the small steps you can take today, tomorrow, or this week to bring you closer to living the vitalized creative life you are meant to be living?

It’s the baby steps that matter most.

Your Creativity Coach,


Bonnie Kelso is the creator of The ABCs of Conscious Creating. She uses energy healing and creating exercises to connect people to their higher “creative” selves. For more information about her services read about her ACCESS! program or to schedule a consultation please contact her at Are you ready to vitalize your creative life?

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