Creating Energetic Time Travel

Creating Energetic Time Travel

Your thoughts are real. They have energy attached them, energy that manifests in all ways. Your thoughts can pull you into a downward spiral, or they can spiral you upwards into elated ecstasy. It’s all about your present perspective and which direction your thoughts are pushing the energy. Shifting from one direction to the other can sometimes feel profound and at other times feel hardly noticeable. The smallest things can create the shift.

For example, say you are having a great day, you are looking forward to an important meeting and you are eager to make a good impression on the group of people you will be talking to. You start heading for the door and you suddenly realize your keys are not where you thought they were. You have misplaced your car keys. You start scrambling to find them, and with every minute that goes by, you are risking your chances of arriving to your meeting on time. Now you are late and you are focused only on the possible negative consequences of the present moment. All of that good energy you were feeling a few minutes ago is suddenly beginning to move in an unexpected direction… if you allow it to.

We are always being presented with choices. When you invite your creativity to assist you, making better choices can become easier. Before you allow unhelpful energy to take over, consider your creative flow. It is your creativity that allows for that energetic flow to occur, whether it is a drip or a flash flood. When you are in a panic over the negative consequences of being late for an appointment, you are turning the flow from a drip to a flash flood. Your creative imagination is going into high gear, creating all sorts of possible futures, none of which are real yet. As you think these thoughts, you are less in the present and more energetically projected into the future. You are in fact manifesting your fears and unwanted outcomes simply by engaging in this unhelpful creative flow. It’s time travel! Your thoughts are in the future and not where they need to be in order to solve your current problem. In this scenario you need to use your creative power to pull yourself back into the present moment so that you can focus. Breathe!

Perhaps you will need to time travel back to the last time you remember seeing your keys. Now you are pushing your thoughts in the opposite direction, focused on a past memory. You can see the keys in your head; you are visualizing them and every detail of them is there. You are expanding your perspective now, zooming out on the image. Images come into your mind of a location. It is light, wide open, it is yesterday afternoon, you are outdoors… as the details reveal themselves one by one, a piece of evidence is being presented. Yes! They are on the table on the patio in the back yard! I set them down when I unloaded the potting soil from the trunk. You run to the back patio, and there they are, just as you imagined them. You are relieved as you scoop them up and head to your meeting. Now it’s time to be present again and drive safely!

You are an amazing time traveler! You are always creating thoughts. You have the power to create thoughts that will move you into new energetic spaces, or push you back into old energetic spaces. You can literally transport yourself out of a present moment by using your creative thoughts like a time machine. You can re-create an experience from your past or you can create a new experience that you desire in the future, all just by commanding your thoughts in the present moment. On this day, December 8th, which is the “Pretend to Be A Time Traveler” holiday, as your Creativity Coach I challenge you to consciously become a time traveler. We’ll leave out the pretending bit… You will be a real time traveler, the kind that does not inhabit the realm of science fiction and fantasy, but one who uses your creative thoughts to investigate, explore, and understand the energy of experiences, past and future, in order to have a better understanding of the present.

Take a few minutes today to sit in quiet meditation. Set an intention for your time travel experience. Once you are relaxed and feeling grounded in the present moment you may begin your time travel. Enjoy!

 Possible intentions for your meditation:

  • Take an enjoyable past experience and re-live it by focusing on your senses as you experienced it. A single moment can be extended for several minutes if you desire. You control the speed of time.
  • Experience a future where you achieve one of your current goals. Feel into the sensation of joy, accomplishment, satisfaction, or recognition as you enjoy the experience.
  • Take a past experience that you wish had played out differently. There is great healing to be found in resolving old conflicts this way. Visualize yourself handling the situation better knowing how the event would impact your future. Let go of any feelings of resentment, anger, remorse, and guilt. None of these feelings serve your best interest.
  • Experience a future event you are looking forward to. Visualize the setting, the people, and the actions as if you are experiencing them now. In this moment, you are the director and you can enjoy a flawless outcome. Indulge in the details, but take note of the things that reveal themselves as the most important. This can prepare you for when the event actually happens by helping you to see the big picture and enjoy the experience more without worrying over any small details.
  • Use your time travel as a de-stressor. If you are feeling something unpleasant like sadness, anxiety, or fear, call on a specific time when you have felt the very opposite of what you are feeling now. As you breathe, visualize that positive moment, savoring every detail of it. Feel the stress of your current situation melt away as you inject your self with a dose of the antidote. Hold on to these positive feelings and allow them to reshape your current energetic space.


So, where will you take yourself today, fearless time traveler? Open your creative thoughts to the possibilities. What experience can you create right now that will help you along your path? Give it a try and if you are feeling brave, let me know where you went. I’d love to know!

Your Creativity Coach,


Bonnie Kelso is the creator of The ABCs of Conscious Creating. She uses energy healing and creating exercises to connect people to their higher “creative” selves. For more information about her services read about her ACCESS! program or to schedule a consultation please contact her at Are you ready to vitalize your creative life?

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