Exploring Your Creative Inner-Child


Monday is the New Moon in Aquarius. It is also the Chinese New Year marking the beginning of the year of the Fire Monkey. This makes for a perfect storm for exploring your creative inner-child! Trust me, DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!

The sign of Aquarius is all about expressing your originality. I highly encourage everyone to experiment with this energy over this next moon phase. It will stimulate your creative life in powerful ways. Because there is so much monkey energy in the air, you will be able to access your inner-child much more easily than usual. Please don’t fight it… just go with it!

The monkey, as a symbol, is all about curiosity, play, and your untamed nature. Take a moment and think back to a time when you didn’t know a whole lot about the physical world. Perhaps you were five years old and every other sentence out of your mouth was, “…but why?” As answers were fed to you and you discovered things through your own experiences, significant connections were being made in your brain. Take a moment and try to recall what that experience felt like. Sometimes it felt like, “Oh yes! That makes sense!” Other times it felt more like, “…but why?” The answers you were given did not feel complete. This moment of pure curiosity where you find yourself asking “… but why?” is the birthplace of all original thought. This natural curiosity is driven by the child in your soul.

Going back to that place of wonder can be difficult as you get older. Children make it look so easy. Children can probe and dig endlessly into the riddles of life. They have not yet grown weary and nauseated by the spiral flow of connected creative thought patterns. Children relish that spinning feeling, the light-headedness, the sensation of rolling downhill, and the complete submission to the sensation of losing all control. They don’t know what it’s like yet to pull the blinders over their eyes. They know little of the greater demands of the world. They are untainted by a drive towards perfectionism, material success, and false securities. They know nothing of the long straight path towards achieving goals set upon them by their peers and society’s demands. All the child knows is curiosity, play, and their untamed nature.

Curiosity, play, and your untamed nature is the path towards originality. The vehicle you use to take you there is your creativity. Creative energy doesn’t move in a straight plotted line. Creative energy spins in spirals, flips upside-down, and rolls down hills. It abandons all control and completely submits to the ecstasy of the present experience. If you need a few pointers, take some time to observe some monkeys. Watch how they study things. See how they move through the trees. Watch how they hang from their feet and tails. Listen to the expressive sounds they make as they interact with the world around them. Monkeys don’t think a whole lot first. They respond viscerally and intuitively to their surroundings. They move quickly and spontaneously. They move much like a community of children. If you watch children play on the playground, you may notice how one will start running and shouting gleefully. Then you will notice how the others will follow. They are naturals at collective states of flow. They allow the energy of one another to interchange and connect freely. They stimulate one another’s creative energies, allowing for a cumulative energy to build. What seems chaotic to us as adults is completely normal and natural for the wild children with souls yet untamed.

There is a natural synergy that happens when you simply allow yourself to play within a group of people. Perhaps you have forgotten how to do this. You fear appearing foolish, so you stay small and you sit on the sidelines of life and follow the rules. You have bought into the idea that this is how to get what you want in life.

As you prepare for this new moon, think about how you may have been staying small in your life. How do you want to see your creativity expand? Imagine what might happen if your untamed nature were to be set free again. Invite in the element of fire to fuel your passions again. Ignite your inner-child and come play in the playground again. Shout out your best monkey calls! Gather around like-minded people and release your inhibitions. Let your joy shine through! Get ridiculous! Play like the monkeys play. Play like a child again! Sing, dance, explore… throw paint at something! Hang from your knees, roll down the hill, engage your untamed nature again! See your world again through the eyes of a child. Breathe in the air of curiosity and possibility. Communicate through all your senses. Release that bottled up child energy within you… Oh, yes! It’s still in there!

…and if you can, join me Monday night for my monkey party.

The more you share this post the more we can get our monkey creative energies synergized this week and for the year to come! So, let me hear those monkey calls! Ooooo-oo-oooo-ooooo!

Your Creativity Coach,


Bonnie Kelso is the creator of The ABCs of Conscious Creating. She uses energy healing and creating exercises to connect people to their higher “creative” selves. For more information about her services read about her ACCESS! program or to schedule a consultation please contact her at creatingyourexperience@gmail.com. Are you ready to vitalize your creative life?

2 thoughts on “Exploring Your Creative Inner-Child

  1. The monkey party was great fun! Oooooo oooo oo. Am inspired to begin writing humor again after a long dry spell. Have two gigs coming up for private parties so thanks for the kick in the funny bone. Love the charm I made at the party. I found the perfect place for it in my inspiration room.

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