One Thing A Powerful Creator NEVER Does


Last week, seven ravens suddenly flew into my tree in the back yard. They squawked and prattled with each other and created a huge cacophony of sound. (I’ve always wanted to use the word cacophony, especially in relation to ravens, so thank you for this indulgence). I was just relaxing with my thoughts and my cat as the evening sun was growing low and golden when this raucous bunch totally caught me off-guard. My cat and I both just froze with amazement as they engaged in their noisy business. They had our full attention and my cat bravely tried to mimic their calls, but she was completely ignored. Apparently, she doesn’t speak Raven very well, and neither do I, because I’m still trying to completely decipher their message. After a few minutes, they finished their noisy chatter and flew off, one by one, in a line and out of sight.

Over the past week, I have meditated on the message of the Ravens. The number seven and the time of day also seemed significant, and I have been getting a lot of related messages about the sun and that golden yellow color. Just like me, as you learn to create your experience in life, you will begin to notice many more things around you, too. You will see the world through the lens of your higher creative self and you might be compelled to ask questions and to seek knowledge. Sometimes the answers will come instantaneously, and when they do, you will feel immense gratitude and an affirmation that the Universe really is conspiring on your behalf to bring you all that you desire. Other times, you will be stretched as I have been over this past week. This is when you will need to practice patience. For me, I have been watching as the synchronicities unfold in a beautiful dance that has played out over many days.

What I know is that magic is in the works. It is behind the scenes, it is all around me, and it is deep within, right before my very eyes. It is a “connect the dots” drawing, and it is manifesting slowly and precisely and it is arriving by my own power of creating. The picture is starting to appear, but it is still fuzzy like the fog that surrounds a dream after some time in the awakened world. This vision is bigger than me, and it reminds me that I am part of a larger picture and purpose. It’s an honor to be in this slippery place of unknowing and simultaneously living in the faith that all will be revealed flawlessly and in its own time. There is a story unfolding and it is linked to a few dreams, both unconscious ones from my sleep and conscious ones from my intentions. Together they are merging and speaking and like a traveler in a foreign land, over time I am beginning to understand the language. The seven ravens that flew into my tree, cackling in the golden sunlight, are a Rosetta Stone of prophecy that is unfolding all around me.

As I work with people who are stunned by the discovery of their own creative power, they often ask me, “What does my drawing mean?” I always respond by saying, “that is for you to discover.” As your Creativity Coach, I am not here to tell you what your creations mean to you. In fact, I urge you not to let anyone else tell you what they mean either. Only you know the truth. Only you can see what needs to be seen. Creating is an exercise is self-expression. It would be unconscionable to put the interpretation of such a personal revelation into the hands of another. Why would you want to turn over your power like that?

There are always answers available to us. We have handheld devices that we simply speak a question into and suddenly they produce limitless answers. This is great when you just want to hear the answer and get on with your day. I’m talking about trivia questions, current events, or driving directions. Sure, take advantage of those resources when you can. It’s just a part of living in our amazing world today. Beware, though, of seeking all of the answers outside of yourself. Too often we tend to turn to an expert for answers to questions that we alone are qualified to answer. Is this just out of habit? Is it because we are now accustomed to receiving answers so instantaneously and conveniently that we slip so easily into this complacent role? I admit that I am sometimes guilty of this behavior, too. I’m not exactly suggesting that you crawl into a cave and meditate on end until the answers arrive, unless that is what you really want to do. Sometimes, I think the idea of it sounds kind of nice. I like caves. Usually, though, I will talk to people, share my thoughts, solicit advice from those I trust, and then, along with all of that, look deeply within and that is when I discover that I actually do speak Raven and I speak it quite well. I encourage you to take the same leap of faith and trust what your personal experiences and intuition are trying to tell you.

Your Creating Exercise is to consider this. The next time you have a question, ask yourself first (before you type it into the Google search engine) “is the answer to this question already within me?” Even if you don’t get the answer right away, you should at least get a “yes” or a “no.” Hopefully the answer will be “yes,” because next comes the fun part. Wait and watch as the answers begin to unfold before your eyes. This is the power of a creator. A powerful creator does not rely on sources outside the self for the answers that really matter.

You’ve got this one.

Your Creativity Coach,


Bonnie Kelso is the creator of The ABCs of Conscious Creating. She uses energy healing and creating exercises to connect people to their higher “creative” selves. For more information about her services read about her ACCESS! program or to schedule a consultation please contact her at Are you ready to vitalize your creative life?

2 thoughts on “One Thing A Powerful Creator NEVER Does

  1. That had to be a very exciting experience. Just this week I experienced up close and personal the Blue Cut fire. I met many of the people who were evacuating and experienced the frustration of trying to find a place to stay when there were no vacancies. To say the least it was a humbling experience and an opportunity to see people at their best when they well could have been at their worst. It was indeed a lesson in making the best out of a bad situation. Even at my age there are still many lessons to be learned!

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