Meet Bonnie

A way long time ago, Bonnie (a shy but curious child) once treaded carefully past a mean pack of dogs to get to her art lesson. It was worth it! Bonnie writes and illustrates books for children and adults that encourage individualism and brave creative self-expression. Presently, she parents two young boys with whom she enjoys many real and imaginary adventures. She also serves and cares for a tortoise-shell cat and a Japanese cleaner shrimp. (Rest in peace, Jacques.)

Bonnie studied Fine Art at the Rhode Island School of Design. In her former adult life, she worked for many years as an exhibit designer where she had the pleasure of working on projects for NASA, National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institution. She traveled all the way around the world… twice! She still enjoys indulging her wandering nature whenever she gets the chance.

(Portrait by Tamela Kemp Photography)