Reiki Healing Treatments

I am so pleased to be able to now offer Reiki Healing Treatments at a very low introductory rate. The reason for doing so at this time is to complete my Reiki II Certification. So, sign up quick while you still can at this great value price!

I am offering the in-person treatments for only $25 for the last two weekends in January (Friday – Sunday). Please contact me via email or telephone to schedule a time. After that time I will be raising my rates, so please take advantage of this special offer now. Perhaps you are curious about Reiki and want to experience it yourself for the first time. Perhaps you are already a lover of it and just feel the need to infuse yourself with some Reiki Love Energy. Perhaps you are a student of Reiki, too, and just need to enter a relaxed state of bliss, through the help of a Reiki sister.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words that means โ€œspiritually guided life force energy.โ€ A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing Continue reading

A Sneak Peak into the ABCs of Conscious Creating

It’s January 2015. “It’s time,” my guides have told me, to reveal myself to the world. What better way than through the internet, right? Many of you reading this, are hearing this for the first time and may find it a little shocking. Let me assure you that in some ways I am still the person you’ve always known. In other, divinely magical ways, I will never be the same. I have always had a strong belief system, ruled by my gut instincts. Over the past few years, this instinct has transformed into powerful intuitive gifts. This means, to me, that I have always had the ability to do the things I am doing now. They have been in a dormant state and only revealed to me at certain points along my path. I have in the past experienced unexplainable events, things that make me cock my head and say, “Wow, that was weird.” Only now, after opening myself up fully to my intuition, I am experiencing this phenomenon on a regular (daily even) basis.

So there it is! I am a student of everything now. It is like having all the windows wide open and just taking the breezes as they come. Every day is a new discovery, a new adventure, a new experience. I am experiencing life again as if through the eyes of a child, with wonder, amazement, and Continue reading

Vitalize Your Creative Power with the ABCs of Conscious Creating

It’s December and the holiday season often catapults us into a frenzy of “getting it all done!” I have a special invitation for you for this New Year of 2015. I want to give you the opportunity to discover something new about yourself this year. I am pleased to offer my introductory course which I have spent the last year designing for the explicit purpose of helping you to vitalize your creative power. This carefully designed program includes energetic awakenings, powerful visualization techniques, and free-flowing creating experiences to help you to obtain ACCESS to, BELIEVE in, and CONSCIOUSLY CREATE through the source of your unique creative power.

The course includes nine in-person sessions with me which will occur on Saturday mornings or afternoons. There are also some self-study components which you will be able to complete on your own time. Are you feeling the need to devote some well-deserved time to Continue reading