Dear Diary, What Are You Waiting For?


September 22, 2015

Dear Diary,

Today I realized that I need to spend more time writing. Because when I write I have a way to clarify my thoughts and well, let’s face it, you know my thoughts are usually all over the place! When my thoughts are clarified through my writing, I suddenly realize that there’s something there worth sharing… and when I share my clarified thoughts, I provide inspiration and motivation to others. I help them! When I help people, I feel good. I also realize that my blog is the best platform for this sort of sharing right now. Since I have this amazing career where I get to help people to realize their creative potential and understand how to allow this power to influence their everyday life at any given time or place and how that power expands their capacity for living happier and more fulfilled lives, I suddenly have so much important stuff to share! My vision is beyond just helping my paying clients… My vision is to help anyone out there, anyone who is willing Continue reading