First Days of School


I survived my first week of school… ever… as a parent. It’s true, my oldest son started Kindergarten this week having never spent a single day in pre-school or day-care. This week I threw him into the deep end without much to go on. He survived five consecutive 6 ½ hour days of new experiences. His ability to handle it all truly awed and amazed me. More than ever, I can see myself in him. So many feelings and memories welled up inside of me as I watched him through the small windows I had into his experience.

Day 1: The first wide-eyed confused look as if to say, “Really? You’re just going to leave me here?” Noticing his feet shuffling along in line as if on an uncertain conveyor belt of doom. I could feel what he was feeling. It was a jumble of my past experience and his present one, but I’m pretty sure he took that one better than I did. I recall having lost it there and broken into tears as my mother tried to peel my body from hers. Continue reading