An important message from your Muse…

allow be create magic

Happy Halloween! … and (even better) Happy National Magic Day!

The concept of magic is as old as the history of human civilization. The kind of magic I am talking about is not about deception and illusions, but rather physical and energetic influence. Those who practiced such magic in ancient cultures were the shamans, healers, and energy workers of their time. They did not separate the experience of miracles into ritual, medicine, and prayer. All components were tied into one holistic treatment in order to achieve a specific result. Each part mattered and no part was dismissed as irrelevant. This combination of intentions and actions is what manifested the desired effect. Magic is the experience as a whole, from the beginning intention to the end result.

So how do we channel this sort magic into our modern lives? It starts with inviting in divine inspired thought. The delivery device is sometimes referred to as your muse, a mystical entity that helps create connections between the divine and physical realms in the form of inspired thoughts. Your muse is your right hand middle-man and spiritual guide. When you connect with your muse, divinely inspired thoughts are delivered to the physical world through you, the creator. At this point, you have the choice to act on these thoughts or not. This is known as the law of free will. Continue reading

What kind of Artist are you?


Today is International Artist Day, which started in 2004 to honor the contributions that artists make to society. What is your definition of an artist? Do you consider yourself to be an artist?

Like most people, you probably associate the word “artist” with the visual arts. You might think of Pablo Picasso or Auguste Rodin. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to let go of that limiting belief and expand your definition of what an artist is. Artists come in all varieties. In my opinion, it’s really all about your unique connection to Divine Inspiration that makes you an artist. Your creative thoughts are like a mystical unseen entity floating about just beyond your physical reach, delivering instructions to you (sometimes it seems in a foreign language) through the extremely complex network of your nervous system. When you learn how to develop a relationship with this entity, you are able to manifest art in the real physical world… making you an artist! Have you heard the term “art as life” before? That’s pretty much where I’m going with this… Continue reading

What’s Inside The Creativity Cloud For You?

It’s out there and it’s floating around just waiting for you to snatch it up! So what are you waiting for? Can’t see it? I can…

IMG_2561Recently a friend shared with me a story broadcasted on NPR’s Radiolab. It was titled “Me, Myself, and Muse” and it featured an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a great show and I’ve included the link below for anyone who wants to listen to it. It’s about the struggle we sometimes have with our own creative thoughts and how we try to manage them.  Your Creativity is inside of you and outside of you all at the same time. It is something you can communicate with. You can nurture it, you can honor it, and you can negotiate with it. The one thing that it demands of you is your undivided attention. Continue reading