How Do Your Heroes Shape Who You Are?

Heroes Inspire

When you think of heroes, who comes to your mind? Is your hero a fictional character like Superman? Is your hero a leader in your profession? Is your hero a religious icon?

Or, is your hero, someone you have had more personal access to? Is your hero someone who you know well and in several different contexts? Perhaps your hero is a multi-faceted human being who is adored by many and only truly understood by few. This is the kind of hero that I want to tell you about today. This is a family story, one of my Dad’s stories about the bond between him and his Uncle.

Today is Veterans Day. Today is when we honor, recognize, and celebrate all the heroes (sung and unsung) who have served in our Armed Forces. I know that my Dad always thinks of one person in particular on this day, his Uncle Glen. Glen E. Baker started his military career as a private in the Army during World War II. He served in Europe, he was present at Normandy on D-Day. He returned from the War with a chest full of medals that he never liked to look at. His extraordinary military career spanned his lifetime and he retired a Brigadier General. As a young boy, my father worshiped him. Later in life they would become good friends. Continue reading