Create Your Smile Ball!

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Everyone is familiar with the smiley face icon, right? I mean it is totally ingrained in our human culture. Did you ever consider where this little yellow round humanoid face got its start in the world? I didn’t until recently. In fact, I used to find them a bit annoying and at the same time strangely irresistible. Especially, when typing posts on Facebook… 😉  Well, kids, it all started a long time ago (1963) in a far, far away land (Worcester, Mass)… allow me to introduce you all to the Great Great Grandpa of every emoticon you ever laid eyes on:


Every creation has its creator. From now and forever forward, for me anyway, the smiley face will be referenced as the “Smile Ball” with much honor and respect for its creator, Mr. Harvey Ball.

Harvey_BallHarvey Ball, was born July 10, 1921 in Worcester, Mass, and started his career as a commercial artist when he was still in High School. Continue reading