Ever Open




Deep in the heart of the Everglades, 26 tiny eggs are beginning to hatch in a giant nest under a tall cypress tree. The fourth alligator to see the light of day is about to embark on a classic hero’s journey. Join Baby D as he explores his world through the innocence and wonder of a natural dreamer. Discover what makes him special while pondering what it might be that makes you special, too.

I write children’s books that celebrate diversity, creativity, and all the special qualities that make us each unique.

I wrote this book with the intention that my older son (who is 8) would read it to his little brother (who is six). It is divided into seven short chapters so it makes for a great beginner’s chapter book. It’s also a good book for early readers with a few challenge words. You can also read it together as a family group. Learn about each other while also learning a little about animals from the Everglades habitat. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does. If you like it, please support me as an independent author by leaving a review. Your feedback matters greatly to me and helps me build visibility. Many thanks, and may your heart be ever open.

Available through my TPT site, this downloadable PDF activity packet features a few coloring sheets, imaginative prompts, a word search, connect-the-dots activity, matching activity, maze, and message to decode. A collection of fun activities for children who want to dive deeper into Baby D’s world! The packet is eight pages and includes an answer key at the back.