Full Color Recovery

Inspired by my work with youth in recovery at Mission High School here in Las Vegas, I have created a mindful practices coloring book.


“Full Color Recovery: A Coloring Book For Youths In Recovery,” explores themes of recovery as experienced through the hearts and minds of teenagers. It was created with the concerns and challenges of teenagers as the main focus. This book can be to used as a mindful tool for relaxation, reflection and positive affirmation. It makes a good compliment to professional care and support. If you are a teen in recovery, I hope you will be able to relate to these themes. You are not alone in your struggle. I encourage you to remain dedicated to your recovery program and always reach out to others for encouragement and support.

Living in recovery means living life in full color.

The book contains ten full pages for coloring as well as several pages for personal reflection through journal writing prompts. Explore each color theme alone individually or with a trusted group. Either way, you may discover something new about yourself and your journey by engaging whole-heartedly with this book.

If you are a facilitator working with youth groups, I recommend that you work on one color theme at a time. You could build a dedicated creative session around each of the seven colors of the rainbow. There is so much potential for how you can facilitate the use of this book with your at-risk youths. It makes a good starting point for group discussions and sharing.

The spectrum of the rainbow is a gentle, yet powerful symbol for what it means to live in recovery. Each color band represents a unique energetic vibration. The rainbow is the reward for having endured a storm. Remember that living in recovery means living life in full color.

If you are interested in buying 25 or more copies, please reach out to me and I may be able to arrange a bulk discount for you.