Graceful Transformation: A Healing Coloring Journey

©Bonnie Kelso and Creating Your Experience

Create, color, doodle and journal in this interactive adult coloring book designed by Artist and Creativity Coach, Bonnie Kelso. Inspired by her work with the clients from the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, “Graceful Transformation” will take you on a healing coloring journey of self-discovery. As you create and color, you can relieve stress. This coloring book is ideal for people in addiction recovery programs, but you don’t have to be struggling with addictions to benefit from this journey. Themes such as “hope, self-beliefs, and trust” are universal enough that anyone can find inspiration from the process. Each of the eleven interactive coloring pages follow inspirational messages and creative prompts. You are encouraged not just to color, but to create images within the book. Each coloring page is separated by blank pages for expressing yourself creatively through doodling and journaling.

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Are you going to use your Coloring Books in a healing group? Download a free PDF  of my Facilitator’s Group Study Guide.