Slow orbiters

Slow Orbiters is a Fiction Chapter Book Series set on the International Space Station in the future with STEM components and animal astronauts.

Series Premise:

Animals have taken back Planet Earth after humans move to Mars. Alpha the koala, Beta the panda, and Gamma the sloth have the right stuff, or do they? They’ve been chosen for a very important mission, to scan the planet for habitable refuges while orbiting Earth at 17,500 miles an hour aboard an old abandoned rattle-trap: The International Space Station. What makes this trio ideally suited for life in space (having a slow metabolism) also causes problems when they fail to react quickly as an infinite onslaught of hazardous situations arise. They must rely on teamwork, strength, and creative solutions to stay in orbit and complete their mission to save Earth’s remaining endangered species.

Book 1: Space VAC

What does a koala, panda and sloth have in common? They all have metabolisms perfectly designed for space travel, of course! Now that the humans have left Earth for Mars, the FAST (Federation of Animal Survival Taskforce), finally gets their chance to board the International Space Station and conduct their space-based experiments to find a solution to climate change. But a chain reaction of mishaps threatens to eject these SLOW ORBITERS into the abyss. They must work together using their STEM smarts if they ever hope to get back on course and save earth’s endangered species.

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