A Gift of Healing

For the remainder of the year I will be offering “Graceful Transformation: A Healing Coloring Journey” at a discounted price. This interactive coloring book for adults was developed from a creativity workshop with participants in addiction recovery. It was our collective intention that this book would be used to help others heal from past trauma … More A Gift of Healing

Nothing But Love

There was a box on the top shelf of my closet that was calling to me. I knew exactly where it was even though I had not opened it for almost a decade. I pulled out the golden hook and a ball of yarn. I sat on my comfy couch in the sun near the window and I began to think about my Grandmother. I could see her hands… … More Nothing But Love

Friday = Art

In my classes, we’ve been experimenting with watercolor textures. We just allow the images to evolve as we go. Do you see an image emerging in this one? Just focus on the shapes and colors. Allow your thoughts to simmer.   I saw a

Friday = Art

Since I was a little girl, I’ve had a special connection with animals. I especially loved to draw them. Drawing them seemed to strengthen my connection with them. It was as if when I spent quiet time focusing on their physical aspects through drawing, I was also able to connect with the spirit of the creature as well. It became not only a empathic study of the animal, but of my own perspective as well. … More Friday = Art