Friday = Art


From my sketchbook playdate with myself this week. I am so going to miss Taurus. I’ve always had a resistance to Taurean energy, so this year I really made an effort to heal that internal relationship. Now I am totally in love with it! I’ll tell you a secret, too. My favorite way of connecting with this nurturing feminine earth energy is by lying flat on my stomach and pressing my forehead into the ground. I can just feel all my Continue reading

Creating Tradition: Preserving Your Favorite Holiday Image

Christmas Tree Tradition

Last Christmas I was so happy to be able to leave my white Christmas tree up for the entire season! You see, last year I had a little, umm, disagreement with my new cat, Freeda. She decided that the tree was put up for her pleasure and she took great pleasure indeed from climbing it, clawing at the ornaments, chewing on the string of lights, and eventually toppling the entire thing over more than once. This all happened with in the first 24 hours of its emergence from the box. Sadly, for the safety of all concerned, I had to put the tree back in its box and enjoy Christmas without a Christmas tree. But, this year, the tree remained up. Freeda did crawl into it several times, but with more self-control and grace than before, so I considered this a healthy compromise. Continue reading