Fall Writing Frenzy Contest

I’m excited to participate in the Fall Writing Frenzy Contest again this year. Thanks to Lydia, Kaitlyn and Ameera for hosting. If you’d like to join or read the entries, here’s the link!

Persephone Rises (YA)

Tonight is the night.

Ch-chills shake my bones.

The veil between the living and the dead grows thin 

as the sickle-shaped moon shows me my truth.

Spirits pass inside shadows unseen.

They’ll stop at nothing to return me to my prison.

At fourteen everything was taken from me…

my home, my free will, my pride.

Even my own father stole my innocence.

Taken against my wishes.

Six crimson seeds, laden with deception, 

were all I took for myself.

There used to be a time 

when I glided barefoot through cool meadows, 

soft petals blooming from my footprints.

But now, no balm can soothe these hell-scorched feet.

My mother sleeps, wasted from a long day’s harvest.

She works so hard to maintain my custody.

When she first lost me, she raged at everything.

Her barter with the tempest held back the rain.

Drought brought death to nature’s bounty.

She commanded locusts to devour whatever remained.

Her blood is my blood.

I gently draw the scythe from her hand.

What cuts wheat also cuts flesh. 

Nothing can be done to me 

that has not already been done.

A victim no more.

Tonight is the night

I stand strong and fight.

Fall- Credit: Vino Li / Unsplash

Finding A Mentor That Empowers You

©Bonnie Kelso & Creating Your Experience

This sounds like the perfect solution, doesn’t it? Just connect with the right person and all your problems will disappear. I mean look at all the people who have won the jackpot by getting the ear of Oprah for a moment or two. There is a catch, though, there always is. Do not be misled into believing that someone else can ever truly empower you.

The kind of empowerment that we are all really seeking, that which has the fortitude to change the world for the better, can only come from within.

Yes, there are people in the world who are incredibly influential. A person like Oprah has the power to make you suddenly be seen by a large number of people. Think of that for a moment. What would it be like to be seen this publicly? Is there anything you are not prepared to share? What is the value you place on your own privacy? What about the privacy of your loved ones? Continue reading