Creating Desert Marigolds

Desert marigolds are tough little flowers! They may look fragile and delicate, but they can withstand high desert winds, droughts, intense heat, and everything else that the Mohave can throw at them. Their stems are thin and somewhat crooked, but they are strong and, if you’ve ever given one a tug, not easily plucked. They use a network of roots to bind themselves to one another, and huddle together in a mound for further protection and support. Dare I say… they are intelligent little flowers and even somewhat, I don’t know… organized? … More Creating Desert Marigolds

How To See Color More Clearly

I love living in the desert. I think the desert is amazingly beautiful. Some people look at it and can only see brown. I see brown, but I also see the whole spectrum of the rainbow! Today is National Color Day, and I challenge you to find the full spectrum of a rainbow in your surroundings. Use the power of complimentary colors to help vitalize a color for you. Complimentary colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel. Here’s a very basic one to give you the idea. Red compliments green, orange compliments blue, and yellow compliments violet. For example, if you are trying to see the green in a rock, stare at something red for thirty seconds. When you bring your gaze back to the rock, the green tones in it will really start to pop! Have fun watching the rainbow unfold before your eyes. … More How To See Color More Clearly