Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 1: The New Moon)

Today begins a total Solar Eclipse and a New Moon! This presents me with the perfect opportunity to start an in-depth discussion about your creativity and how it relates to the cycles of the moon. When there is a Solar Eclipse paired with a New Moon you are presented with an amplified energetic opportunity. You can think of a Solar Eclipse as a giant reset button. The New Moon also presents you with an opportunity to start something new, or refresh an old project. So in combination with the Solar Eclipse, you get a supercharged reset button to play with. Even if you are here with me in Las Vegas and can’t see it, it’s still out there happening and that energy is available to us all! … More Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 1: The New Moon)

Exploring Your Creative Inner-Child

Curiosity, play, and your untamed nature is the path towards originality. The vehicle you use to take you there is your creativity. Creative energy doesn’t move in a straight plotted line. Creative energy spins in spirals, flips upside-down, and rolls down hills. It abandons all control and completely submits to the ecstasy of the present experience. … More Exploring Your Creative Inner-Child