Friday = Art

In my classes, we’ve been experimenting with watercolor textures. We just allow the images to evolve as we go. Do you see an image emerging in this one? Just focus on the shapes and colors. Allow your thoughts to simmer.   I saw a

The Tube

What is in your toolbox? Bet you don’t have one of these. Want to know what the Tube is and how to use it? It’s only the most powerful tool ever in my creating toolbox. Watch the video below and I’ll tell you all about it. … More The Tube

The Circle

This is the first of six videos designed to inspire you to start vitalizing your creative life right now. Be sure to follow me if you haven’t already so you will get future videos as they are released. … More The Circle

Exploring Your Creative Inner-Child

Curiosity, play, and your untamed nature is the path towards originality. The vehicle you use to take you there is your creativity. Creative energy doesn’t move in a straight plotted line. Creative energy spins in spirals, flips upside-down, and rolls down hills. It abandons all control and completely submits to the ecstasy of the present experience. … More Exploring Your Creative Inner-Child