Storytime! The Circle – A story for your inner child

Have you every wondered where we come from? Are you curious about where we go when we die? Do you ponder the meaning of life and why we are here in the first place? Then you might enjoy this story for your inner child called, “The Circle.” Settle down, get comfy and enjoy!

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Creativity Myth: If you love math you can’t be creative.

…and vice versa… If you are a creative person you can’t be good at math.

Psst, I have a secret to let you in on: there’s no such thing as right brain vs left brain when it comes to creativity. It takes your whole brain to create. We’re all creative. Even people who LOVE math! In fact, the more you develop your creativity, the more connections you make between both hemispheres of your brain. So, if your “math sector” feels a little weak to you, try boosting your creativity exercises. Today, might just be the perfect day to start!


Today is Math Story Telling Day! Yay! Think about all of those word problems you use to solve when you were a kid. Who do you think wrote those things? Someone really good at math, and someone pretty darn creative, too! But Math Stories are more than just word problems. They are real stories that stretch our logic skills and our imagination at the same time. They can take the form of jokes, poems, short stories, and drawings, too! They are visual and interesting and full of comparisons such as “if this is so, then that is so.”

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