Express Yourself (It’s good for you!)


Yes, I am a Mom. I am also a Creativity Coach which means I can’t help but want to nurture your creative life. As much as you hate to admit it, your Mom was right about a few things.

Mom: Eat your                (insert detested vegetable of choice here)           .

You: Why?

Mom: Because, it’s good for you.

Sound familiar? In this situation, I am the Mom. I am telling you, you need to express yourself, right here, right now. If you don’t…

  1. You will not feel better.
  2. You will not reap the benefits of living a creative life.
  3. You will not see your life as a magical place to participate in.
  4. You will simply begin to become assimilated into the doldrums.

Trust me, I know this territory well. Why do you think I became a Creativity Coach? I did it to help myself and I do it every day since to help you.

Your Creativity Coach,


Bonnie Kelso is a Creativity Coach who uses Creating as a healing modality. She is the author of Vitalize Your Creative Life, a workbook for engaging with your inner creative child. She also facilitates creativity workshops and classes locally in Las Vegas, NV. She is the creator of the ABCs of Conscious Creating, a guided self-study program that delves deeper into the spiritual realm of your unique creative potential. Are you ready to start right now? Do you have 5 Minutes?



One thought on “Express Yourself (It’s good for you!)

  1. I actually painted a canvas with my sister who loves to paint. She wanted us to do it together. It was really fun and I was quite proud of the result. I shall try it again very soon. Thank you for your encouragement


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