What People Are Saying…

affirmation“Wow, now I’m getting it! Before my creative coaching sessions with Bonnie, I had no idea how much fear I was holding regarding my ability to express myself as a creative person. Since then I have made huge strides in pursuing my creative passion! It feels good to actually be DOING what I love to do rather than just thinking about doing it. :)”

— Sue Beauchamp

“I feel that I am much more aware of my surroundings and paying more attention to the beauty all around me. Each day I think of my creating symbol and feel I am moving upward and onward as the symbol reflects.”

Linda Snyder


“Thanks to Bonnie’s course, I was finally able to harness my scattered creative energies and complete a novel length manuscript to send to an editor.”

— Kristina Mull

“Working with Bonnie and The ABCs of Conscious Creating has decreased my anxiety over cancer returning. I am spending more time with friends, which I discovered I have, and my home life is calmer. I have much work to continue but find it to be an inviting process. This program has helped me to create the atmosphere, activities and support I needed to get to this place. I am forever grateful!”

– Judy Spahn


“Bonnie… a big thank you!! I finally understand the real point of meditation, and what to do to make my mind zip its lips. I love how you broke it down and explained exactly what to do.”

– Beth Nelson