My Magical Creations!

I’d like to share with you some of the Magical Creations I’ve been working on lately! While developing my Conscious Creating programs I have enjoyed learning to express myself in new and unique ways. I often take found objects or personal items and incorporate them into my sparkly assemblages. They become mini-altars, shrines and talismans that I use for specific purposes to help manifest the energy I want in my daily experiences of life. I could write a story about each and every one of them… perhaps some day! I hope you enjoy looking at them.

charmparty fertility-talisman health1  create money-altar dog-charm unicorn guide horseshoecreatingAffirm creator-affirm2 divine-love2 Unicorn-altar heart-rising home-detail

2 thoughts on “My Magical Creations!

  1. Dear Bonnie, Your magical creations are delightful and whimsical. I love the colors and the symbols. Each time I look at these I see something new or differently. You inspire me to look more closely into myself. Avanti’


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