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What I am learning is that I can’t do this all alone. I’m learning as I get older and my life becomes more complicated, I need the help of others more than ever. It’s never been an easy thing for me to ask for help. Maybe it’s because I was raised to be independent and self-sufficient. I was one of those grade school kids who had my own key to the house and let myself in (and out again) after school. I cooked on the stove unsupervised and was expected to look after my little sister. These things didn’t seem all that difficult at the time, but when I think about my own kids taking care of themselves this way, it makes me laugh.

So, I’m taking in a lesson I’ve learned from them. You don’t have to go it alone. In fact, the journey is way more fun with a little help from some friends. I have to share with you this strangely charming video I found of the Beatles performing “Help” in a studio back in the 60s before I was born. It’s a song I’ve been singing to myself quite a bit lately. Take a look for yourself and I’ll share with you my personal reflections about it after…

Who do you empathize with most when watching their faces? I mean, how about poor Ringo, holding that umbrella? He looks so unsure of himself. Heartbreaking. Perhaps you’re like me and you catch that one look in George’s face, the one that says, “Oh God, am I on camera, Crap!” He seems much more comfortable being the support, the man behind a few powerful front men.

Maybe you can relate to Paul, he’s obviously making a joke out of the whole thing, vying for attention from behind John, trying to steal the show. He’s the prankster, the secret star, his light too bright to be shadowed by anyone, even John Lennon.

Then there’s John, the Dad of the group. I’ve always related most to John Lennon. We even have the same birthday! Never quite satisfied with the end results. Desperately trying to hold the whole boat afloat (or in this case the wooded plank). Though he may look calm and in control, there’s a lot going on, internally and externally, and he’s just trying to hold it all together. Even his lip synching is disrupted a few times.

Oh, and I do love the moment at the end when Paul starts gagging on a fake snowflake. I think what saves this video from being probably the worst video I’ve ever seen, is that you can literally see how this group of friends supports each other through a truly awkward and embarrassing display of public marketing.

So, here I am, in my own humble and awkward way asking for your HELP as a friend. Through my Patreon Page, you can help me by becoming my PATRON. You can do it once, twice, or on a monthly basis. If you feel my mission resonates with you, I’d be so grateful if you would consider checking out the link. It’s also a place where I can give back to you by sharing special updates on my current projects that I cannot release publicly. It’s a window into my creative process that only patrons will get to see.


I can’t think of anyone I’d rather bounce on a plank with!

Friends Forever,