Shaylee Seakin (Activity Book)

Who is Shaylee?

Shaylee is curious. Shaylee wants to understand how the world works. Shaylee is afraid of just one thing: being alone. Shaylee is not a mermaid.

Shaylee is a Seakin!

This is her “truth story” just as she sees it. Discover for yourself what is most important to you with Shaylee’s help. Then, stand up, or swim down, and talk about it. Speak your truth, just like Shaylee.

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If you are a teacher or activity facilitator for groups of children I have a complimentary Shaylee Play Pack for you to use. This downloadable PDF has 12 pages of prompts from the book that can be copied and distributed to your group. Create a group activity of your own. The pages are black and white and are meant to be written and colored on. Encourage the young people you care about to stand up and speak their truth!


Things with Shaylee on them, like this “I’m just speaking my truth” coffee mug. Enjoy!