Creativity Coaching

Here are some frequently asked questions about my Creativity Coaching service. If you have other questions I would be happy to start a conversation with you. Just send me an email at

What is a Creativity Coach?

This is a great question! You may not have come across one before, and you probably haven’t come across one like me before. I help people, like you, to open up to their own unique creative power. When you start living your life with creative purpose, you begin to experience flow. When you are in a state of flow, things seem to just fall into place around you like magic. Opportunities begin to present themselves to you. You begin to feel happier and healthier. You have improved self-confidence. You have the clarity to recognize solutions to problems as they present themselves to you. You have the courage to face challenges and move through difficult feelings with patience and grace. My role as your Creativity Coach is to help you to better understand and connect to your own inner creator. It becomes a very personal journey, and it is my honor to start you on a new path towards creating an improved experience of your life.

What does a Creativity Coach do exactly?

Enrollment in my signature program The ABCs of Conscious Creating is what I have found to be most effective for my clients. It is the most efficient way for you to reconnect to your creative power, especially if you are currently feeling disconnected to it. It will help you move through creative blocks, reconnect to who you really are as a creative being, and give you the confidence to believe in yourself and your infinite potential. ACCESS! is the first part of The ABCs of Conscious Creating three-part program. As you progress through the program, you will discover new things about yourself that you never knew before. As your Coach I will be available to you to answer questions, discuss concerns, and help you to rebuild your relationship with your creative power through a series of carefully designed Creating Exercises.

Does this really work?

Yes! I have to tell you though, you will have to put some effort into it. If you are open minded and willing to give some new things a try, I am absolutely certain you will make progress towards Vitalizing Your Creative Life! Check out some of my testimonials from past clients. Each one of them came to me with a different challenge, and together we were able to find solutions that worked specifically for them. That’s the benefit of using a program like mine. You get me along side you, personally guiding you through the process. The ABCs of Conscious Creating is not an automated program. You set the pace, and together we get you where you need to be creatively.

How do I get started?

This is the easy part! Just reach out to me via and get the conversation started. Introduce yourself and let me know what you are looking for. If I feel that my program can help you, we can schedule a Creative Discovery Session phone call with you at a mutually convenient time. I want to make sure that this is a relationship that will work for your benefit so I am conscious about who I choose to enroll in my ABCs program. You may also want to consider booking a Private One to One Flow Session with me if you are facing time constraints.

What does the program cost?

For the most up to date pricing and additional details about the ACCESS! program, please follow this link to read about my current offer.

I hope to hear from you! Your most vitalized creative life awaits…

Your Creativity Coach,