VITAL Coaching Package

©Bonnie Kelso and Creating Your ExperienceI’m so pleased this year to be able to offer a bundle of Coaching Calls for people who have already purchased a copy of Vitalize Your Creative Life, or who want to buy a copy. Allow me to help you get the most from this workbook as together we dive deeper into your unique gifts and creative spirit.

2018 is the year for me to embrace my true authentic self by standing up for what I believe, and I believe that YOU ARE CREATIVE! Yes, you! If you are feeling a lack of creative confidence or like your creative voice has been lost, I am here to remind of who you really are. You are infinitely creative and this creativity is so much a part of you, that it can no longer be contained. Allow me to help you find that courageous creator inside, that is yearning to be fully expressed.

This program is for people who may not have ever seen themselves as creative. It is also for people who are comfortable with their creative powers but feel they have somehow lost connection with them. It is also for people who are just beginning to explore their creative expression and are looking for a little nurturing from outside themselves.

This VITAL Coaching Package includes five coaching phone calls for $155. Typically we will “meet” for about thirty minutes to discuss each chapter in the book as you work through the exercises. This allows me to customize the experience for you and give you further insights about how these exercises can vitalize (or re-vitalize) the creative power in you. We can measure your progress together and make new discoveries and insights about your creative life as it begins to transform.

Are you ready to embark on this adventure? You do not have to go it alone. Allow me to come along with you. I am a seasoned traveler in this country. Think of me as a trusted translator, tour guide, and general all-around friend. I can help you get more out of your creative exercises (and hold you accountable) as together we witness your personal growth and transformation.

To participate you will need to purchase a copy of the workbook available at Then simply send me an email at Let me know that you saw this offer and we’ll be on our way.

I can’t wait to meet the creative soul inside of you!

Lots of love,


P.S. I almost forgot to mention the amazing bonus that comes with this package! At the end of each call you will receive a brief but potent long distance Reiki healing. My modality of Reiki healing is especially attuned to healing creative energy. Participation in the Reiki healing is optional, but I highly recommend you take advantage of this extra bonus goodness. xox