Virtual Purge


The other working title of this post is “Why I left Facebook.” 

This is not written with the intention of starting a debate on the vices or virtues of Facebook. In fact, I am only beginning my virtual purge with Facebook, because it has historically preoccupied the most of my energy. Even when I’m not “on it” for long periods, it doesn’t seem to matter. Someone might say, “I’m sure you saw what I posted on Facebook,” and then I  would be reminded that I am a part of it even if I’m not actively engaging with it.

I had a student a few years ago who told me she wasn’t on Facebook and had no intention of creating an account. I remember how envious I was of her. I remember saying, “Wow, I wish I could go off it, but I need it for my business.” I think that’s when the seed was planted. I began to ask myself questions, like:

Do I really need it?

What has it actually done for me?

How has it affected others?

How much of my energy does it consume?

What would I miss about it if I left for good?

So, years later, I am finally free of it once and for all. It feels like a burden lifted. In this year of authentically being myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need it. I can be free of anything I want to be free of. The Universe has my back, so any social media platform can hardly ever compete with that.

So, that’s me reducing my digital footprint and reserving my energy for the bigger and better opportunities that are coming into my life every day, not through the internet, but through the people I connect with in very real ways.

The spiritual energy that I use to connect with others is independent of the world wide web. It is not virtual at all, but in fact very real.

I may have left Facebook, but I have not left my friends. I have no intention of leaving any of you. Always, feel free to connect with me directly.

Lots of love,


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