New! A Playbook for Creative People

If you are looking for a new creative planner to try this next year to keep your thoughts organized and track your daily evolution, I hope you will give this Playbook a try. It has been an amazing benefit to my own spiritual and professional development as a creative person over the past few years. I love starting each day with a cup of coffee and my playbook.  … More New! A Playbook for Creative People

The World

I take a deep breath and choose to step out of my comfort zone and share a little piece of my personal world with the great BIG WORLD, in the only way I feel authentically called to do, through my art and encouragements. … More The World


I wish you the strength of a tree and the courage of a tiger, or the strength of a tiger and the courage of a tree to help you through whatever it may be that is challenging you right now.  … More Strength

The Empress

I chose to emphasize the metaphysical nature and turn Silvana into the Empress from the Tarot. Behind her shines the modern Emerald City. She is the archetype of nurturing abundance. Nature harmonizing with urban sprawl. Something drew me to this painting a long time ago and today she’s taking on a new life for me.  … More The Empress

Life As Art

I’ve been reading the memoir of Madame Le Brun titled, “Souvenirs.” She was a portrait painter to Marie Antoinette during the time of the French Revolution. It’s so interesting to me how some things were considered shocking, like when she painted a woman with her mouth slightly open, God forbid, showing a little tooth. … More Life As Art