HeART of Discovery!

I’m facilitating a collaborative mural project for the Discovery Children’s Museum! On Saturday, August 3rd from 10am – 1pm we will be in the Discovery Lab working on a visitor-created piece of collaborative art in celebration of Art Appreciation Month at the Discovery Children’s Museum here in Las Vegas. I’m so excited to be a part of it.

Bonnie Kelso

We’ll be talking about Art from the Heart, otherwise known as “heART.” Then we’ll be creating our own heARTS and working them into a wall-sized canvas that will be on display for the entire month of August. I’m hoping to convince visitors to post their creations with the IG hashtag #heartofdiscovery, so check it out on August 3rd and you can join in the conversation remotely. I hope the project will inspire you to create your own heart’s expression and post it in support!

Creating art is such an important and useful way of expressing emotions. This opportunity is coming to me at such an incredible time for me personally. I plan to “rock my bald” and talk to kids honestly about how creating art has helped me through my emotional struggles during cancer treatment. I hope to inspire them to turn to their creativity when they are feeling powerful emotions, too.

I hope to see you this weekend, either in person or virtually!

From my heART to yours,


Bonnie Kelso is a Creativity Coach who uses Creating as a healing modality. She is the author of I Am Shaylee Seakin: Speaking My Truth an interactive coloring and story book for kids which helps them to articulate what is most important to them.

Shaylee is curious. Shaylee wants to understand how the world works. Shaylee is afraid of just one thing: being alone. Shaylee is not a mermaid.

Shaylee is a Seakin!

This is her “truth story” just as she sees it.

Available on Amazon!

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