My Art

I’m not just a creativity coach, art facilitator, and writer, I’m also a prolific artist. I have divided my extensive portfolio into four collections shown below.

A selection of my original paintings are still currently for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a collector.

For acquiring prints, please visit my portfolio on Fine Art America. I also design greeting cards and other merchandise which are available in my Zazzle Shop. Occasionally, I will list original creations in my Etsy Store.

Sketchbook Playdate Series


This series is in progress and inspired by work with my own inner creative child. I don’t just teach this stuff, I practice it! Enjoy images of mermaids, sacred geometry, and animal totems. Keep an open mind and heart and you may become inspired to connect with your own inner creative child.

Natural Abstractions Collection


When I first left my 9 to 5 job back in 2004 to live a creative life I generated this body of art. These works on canvas and paper are inspired by my various interactions with the natural world.

ELEMENTS Collection


This collection of work on highly textured canvases was created in tribute to my home here in the Southwest USA. These expressionistic desert landscapes are adorned with metallic paints that shift and shimmer in the light. Explore all the elements as expressed in a uniquely rich desert environment.


Mural icon

I love going BIG! Take a look at some of the murals I’ve created over the years. I hope they will inspire you to transform the spaces you work and live in with art.


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