Meet Kelly Moore: SuperStar 5MinuteCreator

I spent a lot of time beating myself up over the mistakes. Yes, I did get it all right, but the cost emotionally was quite intense. And I’ve done that to myself all of my life. I’ve recently learned, very fortunately, that I don’t need to do that. At all! I’ve grown much more patient with myself and allow myself the space to accept and grow. I’ve found this is a much healthier way to live, and also gives me the opportunity to continue experiencing the beauty within myself during the process… … More Meet Kelly Moore: SuperStar 5MinuteCreator

Creating Breakthroughs

This little doodle was drawn last week by a reluctant student of mine named Nathan. Nathan confessed to me later that it was the first thing he had drawn in over 25 years. Before that moment, 25 years ago, when he had decided not to trust his creative self anymore, he had been an accomplished artist. He was a prolific painter and portrait artist. At the same time he had also slowly been allowing his addiction to drugs and alcohol ravage his life. His addictions finally won the battle, and he had convinced himself that he would never be able to create again. … More Creating Breakthroughs

Be the Author of Your Greatness Story!

Your Creating Exercise and challenge for today is to consider yourself as the author of your story of greatness. Take a few moments to think about or write answers to these questions:

What is the story you have been telling people about yourself?
What is the story you want to tell people about yourself?
Imagine yourself in the future telling the story of what you are doing now. Is there a story to tell?
What should you be doing now that will help bring that story into your future world?
What are the small steps you can take today, tomorrow, or this week to bring you closer to living the vitalized creative life you are meant to be living?

It’s the baby steps that matter most. … More Be the Author of Your Greatness Story!