Meet Kelly Moore: SuperStar 5MinuteCreator

I first met Kelly Moore, talented and innovative musician, through the help of an Angel. I wrote a blog post about “How Angels Work,” and something in my sharing of that story connected me with Kelly who luckily read it. I am a believer that we connect with other people for a reason. There is something we must learn from one another. There may even be a way we will help each other along in our journeys. So, when someone like Kelly pops into your life, pay attention!

Artwork by Kelly Moore.

Kelly was one of the first people to sign up for my 5 Minute Creator Facebook support group. Since joining back in January of this year, he has delighted me by sharing a bounty of creative expressions through this informal and easy going portal designed to do exactly what it is doing. It allows us to connect with others interested in creating art and gives us a safe and supportive environment to share our creations (especially our 5 Minute Creations). I thought Kelly’s story would be inspiring to others who might like exploring their creative gifts with the group as well. So without further ado, I’d like to share my short interview with Kelly here with all of you now.

Bonnie: Hi Kelly, I’m so glad you are willing to talk about your creative life with me. I think the people who follow my blog will find your story inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Kelly: Thank you, Bonnie for your kindness and interest.

Bonnie: Could you please introduce yourself to the readers by saying a little about who you are and what you do?

Kelly: I’m a musician, film music composer, arranger, orchestrator; former theater and TV Lighting Designer and Director, TV and film producer, director, singer, dancer, and humanitarian; and currently budding artist. I’ve lived in Philadelphia, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachussetts, Nashville, Atlanta, Kansas City, North Carolina and now in California.

That only partly answers who I am. It answers what I do with who I am. Who I am, like everyone, is a spirit living in this human body, experiencing the difficulties of such, but also the incredible joy of being a human on this beautiful earth.

Artwork by Kelly Moore

It’s not easy, but recognizing the profound beauty of our spirit-selves and appreciating the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, and experiences as a human being is incredible. This is who I am and get to be. And in whatever way I can, I get to be someone who can help to relay this understanding to others, in music, in art, in simply just being who I am.

Me: You mentioned to me that your mother was an artist. Can you describe what it was like growing up with a parent who nurtured your creative talents?

Kelly: Both my parents were and are very supportive of my artistic choices, from theater, TV and film to music and now also in art. They allowed me to follow my muse. Looking back I can’t really say that I knew that was going on at the time. It just happened.

I never actually knew that my Mom was an artist and only recently discovered her incredible art. I have only 3 pieces of hers which I treasure greatly. This new outpouring of art for me I know is being guided and supported by my Mom. It’s quite an incredible feeling to know this.

Bonnie: What has been your greatest challenge in life as a creative artist?

Kelly: I went through a period of time when I worked very hard to create a music program in as short a time as I could, and the difficult part of that was that I’m a bit of a perfectionist. The program contained a lot of material in a genre I hadn’t done much with before and I was determined to get it all exactly right. I spent a lot of time beating myself up over the mistakes. Yes, I did get it all right, but the cost emotionally was quite intense. And I’ve done that to myself all of my life.

Artwork by Kelly Moore.

I’ve recently learned, very fortunately, that I don’t need to do that. At all! I’ve grown much more patient with myself and allow myself the space to accept and grow. I’ve found this is a much healthier way to live, and also gives me the opportunity to continue experiencing the beauty within myself during the process.

Bonnie: What has been your greatest reward from living a creative life?

Kelly: Music has been a passion for me ever since I was young, so doing what I’ve been doing in music for decades now is extremely rewarding.

The magic that spills out, and the way it touches people’s hearts is so sweet, and clearly a gift that’s been given to me for the purpose of giving folks an opportunity to experience the beauty within themselves.

The art that is now pouring out of me is obviously another gift being given with the same purpose in mind.

Bonnie: Have you ever felt insecure about something you created (in any medium)? How did you handle this? Were you reluctant to share or did you destroy it? For example: I once painted a self-portrait that someone else thought was frightening. Even though I liked it, I painted over it because I was so sensitive about upsetting someone else with my work.

Kelly: Performing music live is very much like throwing something to the winds. Once it’s done, it can never be recalled. If it was recorded, maybe it can be fixed, sometimes not. But live performance is very freeing in that way. Play it, and it’s done. It’s like live theater.

Artwork by Kelly Moore.

Recording in studios is a very different ballgame, and like drawing and painting, requires a lot of careful planning, attention to detail and perfect execution. There are recordings out there I hope to never hear again, but those are out of my control. There are also recordings that I love.

With this recent experience of art, much of the time I don’t feel as though I’ve drawn or painted what I intended. Yet art is art, and I accept that, and it’s very freeing for me. Do it, do it as well as I can, and let it go. It’s art.

My son is a young artist and I always send the first photos to him for his critique. I like to think how kind he’s being to me, but in fact he’s being quite honest. He tells me what he likes about each one, and he always has very positive things to say to me. Even when I’m finding fault he’ll say, “Dad, it’s really good!” and he means it.

So… insecure? Yup! Destroy it? Sometimes I think I should, but I also love the art of journaling. I think it’s really important to see our journey, because as we all know, it’s not about the destination….

Bonnie: I couldn’t agree with you more! Is there an art form you have always wanted to try? Can you tell us what it is and why it appeals to you?

Kelly: Interestingly art is the art form that I always wanted to try! I remember as a child drawing the famous clown in the back of the comic book, and being impressed at how well I did that. From time to time I’ve done some drawing, and over time have collected several drawing/painting media. I have some sketchbooks that have stuff in them. It’s really interesting to look back on those. Some of the drawings are quite good and I recall thinking at the time how I wish I had time to do more. Haha! Here we go!

Artwork by Kelly Moore.

Bonnie: You are in my 5 Minute Creator Facebook Group. How has this supported you as a creative person?

Kelly: The story goes like this: I watched your video on Facebook of your 2017 sketch book and was incredibly inspired by what you showed and gave to us, as well as your incredibly beautiful art. Your technique is stunning, and your message a pure delight! I immediately went to your website and discovered your ebook and from there joined the 5 Minute Creator Group.

I’ve been seeing lots of beautiful visions when I meditate for over 45 years now, but only in the past two years or so have I started drawing these. It was suddenly important to me to do this, and it’s become a journal of my experiences. For me they are very inspiring.

Meditation inspired artwork by Kelly Moore.

Once I joined the Facebook group I also rediscovered a book I’ve had for years about learning how to sketch, and started in on the exercises. I’ve learned so much from this book in such a short time, as well as doing some drawings on my own. Inspired! And I post each one to the group, because the beauty of the group is to be dedicated to drawing every day for at least 5 minutes.

Why is that so cool? Because, as I discovered in doing these, it takes me back to my childhood, drawing and painting in Kindergarten. What that really is, is me connecting to my spirit and letting me express my pure beauty, just as I did when I was a child. Looking for Win-Win? Dereyago!

Having the “directive” of the ebook and the Facebook group to do this every day is very much like making sure I connect to my own spirit in meditation every day. It’s joyful. It’s gentle. It’s kind. It’s loving. It’s peace. It’s who we are. To not connect every day robs us of staying in touch with who we truly are. And being on this earth is not just about experiencing all that we do here. It’s about the connection to Spirit and bringing that to this earth while we’re here.

Artwork by Kelly Moore.

I love being a part of the Facebook group because it allows me, without any negativity, to let my art go into the world, let my spirit express itself to the world. The support of simply having the group available is freeing and grounding at the same time. Taking the opportunity with each drawing to post to the group is me telling myself that what I have to offer is valuable, no matter what I think. Win-Win? Yup!

Bonnie: You have been creating every day for a long period of time now. Can you describe what this recent outpouring of creative energy has felt like?

Kelly: Interestingly to me it feels like a very short time. At this writing it’s about 4 months, and feels like about a week!

Personally, I’m stunned by this outpouring. And I’m also amazed at the quality of much of it. There are times I can feel myself being guided. And I’m so grateful for this. I’m grateful to my Mom for the gift of art that she passed on to both me and my son, her grandson. It’s precious. All of this is precious.

“Bubbles,” by Kelly Moore.

Every time I sit down to draw or paint it’s a process of brand-new discovery for me. It’s still so new to me. At this point I guess I’ve almost finished a course in college! That new. I think about all the art my son did in college, and it’s inspiring. I think about the enormous amount of art my Mom must have done to be as good as she was. It’s inspiring! Will I ever be that good? It doesn’t matter. The art that comes out of me is simply that, and I gratefully accept it.

I laugh like a child sometimes when I’m drawing simply because I get to do this. And on this kind of scale, it’s so sweet to have this continue every day. There are many times I look at what I’ve finished and I’m amazed at the technical quality. Where did this come from?! Wheeee! Onward!

Bonnie: I just had to share your “bubbles.” It was the first thing you posted in the group and I can literally see the joy rising off the page in this drawing. Seeing that drawing and reading your comment about laughing while creating it is the kind of response to my writing that I live for. It keeps me on task with my own world mission: to change the world by vitalizing one creative life at a time. Do you believe that creativity can change the world? If so, how?

Kelly: What I see is that within each of us there is incredible beauty, joy and peace. Ironically, almost everyone on this planet wishes for peace, and deep within us all, we are peace and long for that connection to peace.

Creativity is the outpouring of that peace and joy within us. Peace cannot be a worldwide “event”, but what each of us experiences within ourselves every day. That peace is already there within us, waiting to be discovered. Tapping into that peace is tapping into the source of all creativity.

Can creativity change the world? Only each and every one of us, experiencing the peace within ourselves can change our own world. Like the Hundredth Monkey, when enough of us are living with the peace within us, pouring out of us, then we reach the tipping point, and can live in peace together.

Artwork by Kelly Moore.

Bonnie: What change would you most like to see in the world?

Kelly: That’s so easy, so simple, and so difficult. The peace within us is so simple. The joy within us is so simple. To connect to that experience is simple. Yet allowing ourselves to do so is very difficult.

I heard it said that if everyone was in peace this world would be boring. I don’t know what it would be like, what kinds of things all the people on this planet would do while experiencing peace within. I have some ideas, but there are over 7 billion of us. There’s bound to be a lot of ways of living in peace.

In my own experience, living in peace, living from the peace within me, is the most gratifying and thrilling experience of my entire existence. Every single thing I do, when I’m experiencing peace, is simply the most rewarding moment of my life.

And that’s what we all want. To be rewarded. We want the rewards of enjoying what we do, feel and think. We want what we do and feel to make a difference.

For me, the rewards of feeling peace in my life far outweigh anything and everything else, because everything else becomes so incredible when experienced from the vantage point of peace.

At the beginning and end of my day, the music, the art, the caring, the sharing, the giving that I experience all come back to one simple beauty…the peace and joy within me that is my spirit. It is who I am. It is who we all are.

Bonnie: Beautifully said, Kelly. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me and the readers. I truly admire and respect your creative spirit.

Kelly: Thank you, Bonnie for your kind and generous offer to interview me. I am deeply honored.

To learn more about Kelly Moore and his music, please visit his website at

Do you have an inspiring story to share about your creative journey? Please feel free to send me a message, I would love to talk to you about it. If you would like to join my 5MinuteCreator Facebook Group, begin by downloading my free ebook: The 5 Minute Creator.

Bonnie Kelso is a Creativity Coach who uses Creating as a healing modality. She is the author of Vitalize Your Creative Life, a workbook for engaging with your inner creative child. She also facilitates creativity workshops and classes locally in Las Vegas, NV. She is the creator of the ABCs of Conscious Creating, a guided self-study program that delves deeper into the spiritual realm of your unique creative potential. Are you ready to start right now? Do you have 5 Minutes?



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