Friday = ART


The walrus has used its powerful tusks to hoist its enormous weight up onto frozen earth from cool waters and into my life.

What do you do when an animal spirit presents itself to you?

You listen, that’s what. Especially when one like the walrus demands your attention. So, I’m listening. In the past few days I have received a bundle of valuable messages from this impressive and strangely adorable creature. Mostly, that 2018 will be a year when I reveal my authentic self more fully. (So expect to see more videos from me this year). It will definitely be pushing my comfort zone to do so, hence why I don’t have one to show here. Still facing those fears… but, my promise to myself and readers is that by the end of 2018, I will no longer be a mystery to anyone. Who I am and what I stand for will have the magnificent presence of the walrus, fish breath, blubber and all. Take it or leave it, it will be authentically me. No more playing small.

Your Creativity Coach,


Bonnie Kelso is a Creativity Coach who uses Creating as a healing modality. She is the author of Vitalize Your Creative Life, a workbook for engaging with your inner creative child. She also facilitates creativity workshops and classes locally in Las Vegas, NV. She is the creator of the ABCs of Conscious Creating, a guided self-study program that delves deeper into the spiritual realm of your unique creative potential. Are you ready to start right now? Do you have 5 Minutes?


8 thoughts on “Friday = ART

  1. Oh my gosh Bonnie, this post is just so exactly where I am today and for the past year really. …About being authentic and putting myself out there. My goal for 2018 is to get out of my comfort zone and put myself out there on social media and through video. It’s crazy because I want to so badly yet I’m so scared…silly really, but hoping that doing so will be the sparks that ignite my authentic self into truly discovering who I am and what I stand for. I can feel it. I’m so close and I know the putting myself out there is the way to go. Literally all your notes on your beautiful walrus painting felt like I was reading about myself as well. I believe my spirt animal for 2018 is the butterfly. I read on a post that really hit home:
    2016: caterpillar
    2017: cocoon
    2018: butterfly
    Thank you for the inspiration of adding your artwork… I’m so going to give it a try! So happy to read your email today. Thank you!! Yay!! Hugs!!


    1. Yay! I’m so glad you resonated with this movement towards authenticity. Isn’t it funny how it feels like a huge transformation to just become more who you are and always have been? I love how you are moving through the phases of the butterfly’s transformation each year. Congratulations on this moment when you feel your wings beginning to unfurl so that you can take flight! Feel it fully. Send me a link to your videos when you put them out there. I want to watch and applaud you! xox


  2. Bonnie, the most adorable and soulful walrus I ever met and I have met quite a few. At my age I am pretty sure about who I am. I am no longer afraid to do things or to say things I believe in. This current climate is very stifling so I am limiting my interface with social media and the news. I choose to live in my own world where everything is just the way I like it. At your class in December I rejoiced in reconnecting with my favorite pet, a Siamese cat named Jingles. We shared so much and I have been listening to her as she encourages me to tell her story. I started once, but I got distracted with everyday life which at that time was very full. Now I am in a position to work on it again with her encouragement and guidance. Thank you for the blog and for the class. I didn’t make any New Year’s resolution but instead am setting goals for myself every day when I wake up. I must work very hard on creating her image and her story so this becomes a long term goal. Thanks again for your continued support.

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    1. I love your New Year’s intention of listening to what your body, mind and soul needs each day when you wake up. This is so wise, mother goddess! Love you. Can’t wait to read your new manuscript about Jingles.


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