The Milky Way


Today I am brushing up on my Greek Mythology. Soooooo, did you know that the Milky Way was not formed as a result of the Big Bang? It actually went like this:

Heracles was born out of wedlock to a mortal woman who was deceived by the all great and powerful god, Zeus. Since he was half god, mortal breast milk could not satisfy him. Starving to death, his half sister Athena brought him to Zeus’s wife, Hera and she immediately had pity on the poor little baby and nursed him. Apparently it was painful because he was a strong nurser and she pushed him away making some of the milk spray out into the cosmos creating what we call the Milky Way, our galaxy. ♥

The art postcard featured here is “The Formation of The Milky Way,” by the truly amazing Jacopo Tintoretto (1518 – 1594). I can still remember seeing this awesome painting in person. I’ve been going through my stack of art cards and creating collages from them. It’s so cathartic.

May you feed your dreams with Divine nurturing.



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