Igniting Artemis

I’ve set up a little altar by my workspace. I even created my own little 3D Artemis out of sculpey. She’s got her magician’s cloak on and we’re ready to make some serious children’s book magic. In addition to the altar, I’ve got a moon calendar starting tonight. So, this cycle will go from full moon to the winter solstice.  … More Igniting Artemis

A Gift of Healing

For the remainder of the year I will be offering “Graceful Transformation: A Healing Coloring Journey” at a discounted price. This interactive coloring book for adults was developed from a creativity workshop with participants in addiction recovery. It was our collective intention that this book would be used to help others heal from past trauma … More A Gift of Healing

Nothing But Love

There was a box on the top shelf of my closet that was calling to me. I knew exactly where it was even though I had not opened it for almost a decade. I pulled out the golden hook and a ball of yarn. I sat on my comfy couch in the sun near the window and I began to think about my Grandmother. I could see her hands… … More Nothing But Love

Creating Tradition: Preserving Your Favorite Holiday Image

So for today’s Creating Exercise, I want you to take an image that resonates with you and paste into your sketchbook or on a loose piece of paper. Make a home for it. Mimic the strokes of the artist. Try to replicate the color palette. Add to the image on all sides, creating a larger world for it to reside in. Here it will be immortalized as opposed to being tossed in a dark box or sent to the recycling bin. … More Creating Tradition: Preserving Your Favorite Holiday Image

Creating Breakthroughs

This little doodle was drawn last week by a reluctant student of mine named Nathan. Nathan confessed to me later that it was the first thing he had drawn in over 25 years. Before that moment, 25 years ago, when he had decided not to trust his creative self anymore, he had been an accomplished artist. He was a prolific painter and portrait artist. At the same time he had also slowly been allowing his addiction to drugs and alcohol ravage his life. His addictions finally won the battle, and he had convinced himself that he would never be able to create again. … More Creating Breakthroughs

Exploring Your Creative Inner-Child

Curiosity, play, and your untamed nature is the path towards originality. The vehicle you use to take you there is your creativity. Creative energy doesn’t move in a straight plotted line. Creative energy spins in spirals, flips upside-down, and rolls down hills. It abandons all control and completely submits to the ecstasy of the present experience. … More Exploring Your Creative Inner-Child