A Gift of Healing

For the remainder of the year I will be offering “Graceful Transformation: A Healing Coloring Journey” at a discounted price. This interactive coloring book for adults was developed from a creativity workshop with participants in addiction recovery. It was our collective intention that this book would be used to help others heal from past trauma and pain through mindful creating.

©Bonnie Kelso and Creating Your ExperienceWhether you are in recovery from substances or behavioral addictions, the themes presented in this book will provide you with a helpful exploration of your feelings. Each page asks you to reflect on a specific theme such as self-beliefs, trust, or forgiveness. There are a total of eleven themes presented. As you follow the simple yet poignant directives, you will have space to explore your feelings through journaling, drawing, and coloring. Whatever you contribute to this book becomes part of your personal healing journey. I encourage you whole-heartedly to pursue it tenderly with self-compassion.

If you would like to facilitate a group healing, provide each of your members with their own copy and ask me for my easy to follow (and free) Facilitator’s Guide. It will provide you with a simple framework with which to conduct your group. I have included suggestions for visualizations to try and questions to ask your group to spark deeper discussions and sharing.

One facilitator is currently using the books as a Friday afternoon session for her women’s group. Each week, they work in the books together as a group for about an hour. The members of the group are finding it to be a good way to unwind from the week’s activities as well as an opportunity to set clear intentions for the next.

GuideBookTo receive your free copy of the Facilitator’s Guide, please contact me directly by email. I’ll be happy to send you a PDF of the guidebook that you can print out and have as an additional resource.

These books provide an inexpensive, easy, and effective way to bring healing creative expression to your group. Anyone with a caring and compassionate heart can have success in leading a group through this healing journey.

Sincerely wishing you compassion and courage during this holiday season.

Your Creativity Coach,


Bonnie Kelso is a Creativity Coach who uses Creating as a healing modality. She is the author of Vitalize Your Creative Life, a workbook for engaging with your inner creative child. She also facilitates creativity workshops and classes locally in Las Vegas, NV. She is the creator of the ABCs of Conscious Creating, a guided self-study program that delves deeper into the spiritual realm of your unique creative potential. Are you ready to start right now? Do you have 5 Minutes?


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