Igniting Artemis

Happy Thanksgiving!

I always feel that I have so much to be grateful for. I really do, even when things are not so awesome. Gratitude is what has kept me going over the years. It’s what keeps me connected to spirit and source.

I was recently gratitude-gifted with a beautiful smoky citrine generator crystal. Isn’t it just gorgeous? (note: buy crystals from nice people) This act of gratitude compelled me to start igniting my new character, Artemis. I’m getting amazing results already. So much inspiration is starting to pour in, it’s hard to keep up with it all.

So on this full moon Thanksgiving, I’ve set up a little altar by my workspace. I even created my own little 3D Artemis out of sculpey. She’s got her magician’s cloak on and we’re ready to make some serious children’s book magic. In addition to the altar, I’ve got a moon calendar starting tonight. So, this cycle will go from full moon to the winter solstice.

A little explanation… Yes, I love rituals, astrology, magic and everything mystical. For me it’s all about engaging in the pleasure of learning. The more I grow spiritually, the more enthusiastic I am about my life and especially my creative pursuits.

Artemis is the goddess of the moon, so my intention is to attract and receive her amazing energy by following the moon as it moves through the signs of this cycle. The void of course is highlighted in orange. I consider it an experimental study of my own creative insights. I look forward to tracking it all as it unfolds in my Playbook.

What do you do to get yourself psyched up for a new project? Do you engage any supernatural forces to channel your creative energies? Have they worked for you in the past? What kind of results did you get? Do tell, I want to know.


Meanwhile, I am wishing you an abundantly creative cornucopia full moon!

With love and gratitude,


PlaybookCoverSM tilt

If you are like me and need a place to write all of your ideas, inspirations, and messages every day, you might enjoy a copy of this Playbook. It’s a planner for creative people. If you use it, it will reveal to you your evolution over an entire year. Each day there is a place to write your thoughts and track your journey. There are even generous spaces for drawing, because sometimes words just can’t express something like a doodle can.

Create -> Play -> Discover -> Evolve

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