Igniting Artemis

I’ve set up a little altar by my workspace. I even created my own little 3D Artemis out of sculpey. She’s got her magician’s cloak on and we’re ready to make some serious children’s book magic. In addition to the altar, I’ve got a moon calendar starting tonight. So, this cycle will go from full moon to the winter solstice.  … More Igniting Artemis

The Mouse

What my intention has always been is to help other’s creative light shine. How I do this, well, I’ll leave it to the Universe to guide me. For now, what I know brings me much joy, is creating these books for children.  … More The Mouse

Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 8: The Balsamic Moon)

Just as balsamic vinegar is a potent and flavorful liquid produced through a reduction process, so is the Balsamic Moon Phase a time for reduction in activity so you might enjoy of the spoils of your concentrated work. The meaning of the word balsamic means “restorative” or “curative” and so is the guidance theme for this phase of the moon’s cycle. This is the time to rest and recharge your batteries. Reduce your activity to a bare minimum and get plenty of sleep. Drink lots of water because as reduction occurs, water will evaporate! Rehydrate, replenish… Doing so will better prepare you for the next energetic burst of the approaching New Moon. … More Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 8: The Balsamic Moon)

Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 7: Last Quarter Moon)

The Waning phase from the Full Moon through to the next New Moon is all about clarification. This is the time to edit, to refine, to tie up any loose ends. It’s time to do what needs to be done in order to put a project to rest. Especially at the Last Quarter, the energetic nature is about change, possible conflict, and ultimately a significant shift of some kind. … More Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 7: Last Quarter Moon)

Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 6: Disseminating Moon)

The Disseminating Moon phase is also known as the Waning Gibbous Moon phase. Like its counterpart, the Waxing Gibbous Moon phase, it’s all about significant transformations. It’s those sensitive areas just before and after the Big Reveal of Illumination at the Full Moon that have the highest impact on your creative cycle. You’ve done the work (Waxing Gibbous), you’ve seen the illumination it brought (Full Moon), and now it’s time to bring it out into the world (Disseminating Moon). If the Full Moon is the hot Vegas sun in my analogy, then the Disseminating Moon is the distribution of those raindrops. It’s that unexpected solution. Its power is global. Its transformation is undeniable. All it asks of you is that you share it, talk about it, take the time to get to know it, and if you’re really brave… try to understand it. Something important has been brought into the light, and now is the time to address it. … More Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 6: Disseminating Moon)