Your Creativity & The Moon Cycles (Part 8: The Balsamic Moon)

MoonCan you believe it has been less than a month since we started this Moon Cycle? It’s been quite a journey! This is what Conscious Creating is all about.

  • Checking in with your intentions every few days.
  • Staying open to opportunities that will help to manifest them.
  • Acting in alignment with your heart, mind, and soul.

It’s a powerful practice and one that can be used in so many areas of your life. Your increasing mindfulness bringing life and vitality to your creations and your day to day experiences. Ahhhhhhh!

So where are we now in the process? We are at the Balsamic Moon and the last phase of the Moon Cycle before we begin again with the next New Moon.

Just as balsamic vinegar is a potent and flavorful liquid produced through a reduction process, so is the Balsamic Moon phase a time for reduction in activity so you might enjoy of the spoils of your concentrated work. The meaning of the word balsamic means “restorative” or “curative” and so is the guidance theme for this phase of the moon’s cycle. This is the time to rest and recharge your batteries. Reduce your activity to a bare minimum and get plenty of sleep. Drink lots of water because as reduction occurs, water will evaporate! Rehydrate, replenish… Doing so will better prepare you for the next energetic burst of the approaching New Moon.

So over the next few days take some time to indulge in the dream world. Visualize, fantasize, and engage in some mind meandering. This is where all creative thoughts begin… in that seemingly dormant state of curiosity and dreamtime. It’s a space of void, rest, and utter relaxation. Treat yourself to a nap, a hot bath, or maybe even a massage… whatever you need to settle into that state of luxurious restoration and healing.

Also take some time to reflect on the creative journey you’ve taken over the past month. What did you create? What did you discover about your creative process? How have you grown? How have you expanded? How have you surprised yourself? The experience may not have been what you expected it to be, but did you discover the “something better” in the process?

Now that we are at the completion of the cycle here is the list of phases and summaries for your quick reference as you begin to plan for the next moon cycle:

New Moon – Reset
At the New Moon you set an intention. You used the power of the Solar Eclipse to heighten the renewal aspects of your creating power. You invited a big ol’ reset to occur.

Crescent – Allow
At the Crescent Moon you got in touch with what you really wanted. You agreed to stay in the positive flow and say “yes,” even when you would normally say “no.” You allowed yourself to enter into the flow of possibilities.

First Quarter Moon – Act
At the First Quarter Moon you took action. You reviewed potential possibilities and acted on the one that stretched you the most.

Waxing Gibbous Moon – Grow
At the Waxing Gibbous Moon you worked on how your actions affected you and recognized your growth as it was occurring.

Full Moon – Reveal
At the Full Moon you revealed something significant. You became more aware of the energies around you and were able to see something through complete illumination that had been previously obscured.

Disseminating Moon – Inspire
At the Disseminating Moon you shared your journey with someone and discovered some new insights about your creative process. You inspired others through your story and passion.

Last Quarter Moon – Shift
At the Last Quarter Moon you recognized an important shift in perspective. This was possibly uncomfortable, but necessary for your overall evolution as a creative soul.

Balsamic Moon – Restore
At the Balsamic Moon you allowed yourself to rest, restore, and be nurtured as you prepared to begin the cycle again at the New Moon.

Creating Exercise – The Balsamic Moon

Open your sketchbook and prepare to start doodling/painting/drawing… however you feel like expressing yourself today. Get your supplies laid out in front of you in a comfortable place. Take a moment to reflect on your journey over the past month. As you read over the summaries above, consider any feelings that come up for you. Take a few deep breaths to relax and center your self. Now read this mantra I have prepared for you. Read it several times before drawing… out-loud is even better!

Mantra for under the Balsamic Moon:

In a sea of gratitude I float
I rest and feel rested
Creative fire reduced to embers
I am restored and grounded
Deeply rooted to the earth again
I am ready to receive guidance
As the wind delivers me a song

When you are ready, just allow yourself to push your pencil or brush around the paper. No expectations… only pure indulgent exploration. Sink into the colors, listen to the cadence of your heart, and relish the joyful experience of innocently creating.

The Balsamic Phase is an important time for receiving guidance through your intuition or your Higher Creative Self. Take some time to quiet yourself and listen to that wisdom.


Over the next few days before the next New Moon which will be on April 7th, put any creations to rest. If they are very near completion, go ahead and finish them up. If they require much more work, save that for the next cycle. Former intentions can be adjusted and refreshed in the next New Moon phase. Your thoughtful intentions can revitalize a project that has been lying in a dormant state, so allow for this dormant state to occur now. If you are a writer or painter, you know how important this part of the process is. Sometimes it is essential to distance yourself from your creation for a few days. When you come back to it you can see it through a fresh lens again. You will catch obvious errors that somehow evaded you before. This inactive time gives you the perspective you need to move forward more effectively.

You are always creating… even when you are at rest. Rest is just another part of the creating process. In reality this inactive phase is really not inactive at all. All creating begins with the void of no creation. It is the empty space where inspiration is born. The experience reminds me of the time before I got pregnant. I was listening to my body, taking extra good care of it, and reading it for any signals it could show me that life was beginning inside. It was a time of deep intense inner listening. Are you there? Are you there inside? Can you hear me? Remember the Dr. Seuss story, “Horton Hears a Who?” Horton, the elephant, could hear voices coming from a tiny speck of dust, but no one else in his external world could hear them. For Horton, just because others couldn’t hear them, didn’t make the voices unreal. When you listen deeply to your inner voice, you are guided in powerful ways. Being under the influence of the Balsamic Moon is an opportune time to silence any outside opinions and look to your own intuition for what is your truth.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – Buddha

This concludes my eight-part series about Your Creativity and The Moon Cycles. Please comment below to let me know if you have enjoyed the experience and would like to read similar posts in the future. I create these Creating Exercises in order to better serve you, so your feedback is essential to me. If you would rather send me a private email at , please feel free to do so. Thank you so much for your participation and I look forward to hearing from you.

Moontastic job, creators! Mwah!

Your Creativity Coach,


P.S. There’s no end to your creating… EVER!

Bonnie Kelso is the creator of The ABCs of Conscious Creating. She uses energy healing and creating exercises to connect people to their higher “creative” selves. For more information about her services read about her ACCESS! program or to schedule a consultation please contact her at Are you ready to vitalize your creative life?

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  1. Thank you for guiding me on this amazing journey. Along the way I experienced some long awaited times of releasing, receiving and healing. Best of all, I have enjoyed the company of creative expression. Keep up the good work, Coach!

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