Friday = Art!

This image reminds me that the flow of spirit is always present. The bright light that is spirit within you is always there shining like a beautiful beacon. If you allow yourself to stay close to it, even the little acts of “doing” that seem to fill the day will benefit from you just being you. … More Friday = Art!

Nothing But Love

There was a box on the top shelf of my closet that was calling to me. I knew exactly where it was even though I had not opened it for almost a decade. I pulled out the golden hook and a ball of yarn. I sat on my comfy couch in the sun near the window and I began to think about my Grandmother. I could see her hands… … More Nothing But Love

3 Creative Ways to Bring Yourself Back To Gratitude Now

Gratitude is not just for the month of November anymore. Gratitude is a way of living life. If I choose to embrace gratitude every day and every moment, it will transform my experience of life. Take a look inside. Is there pain? Is there grief? Is there joy? Any feeling can be supported by gratitude. Whatever you are feeling there right now can share space with gratitude. Gratitude is the faithful friend by your side no matter what. … More 3 Creative Ways to Bring Yourself Back To Gratitude Now